New Unversal Ad.... Grrrrrrrrr!


:mad: Just saw a Universal ad last night where the grumpy little girl at Universal says something like, “If I had to kiss another princess on vacation, I was gonna hurl.”

Nice. Doesn’t make me wanna race right over to Universal… how about you?


I don’t understand why they use that negativity in their marketing campaign. They can’t compete with Disney, so they should just concentrate on beating out the other competition.

The smear campaign against Disney is going to make Disney Hardcores like us boycott the place. People like us who might otherwise have paid Universal a visit now and then.

I won’t be going there anytime soon.


I with you on the boycott of Universal!!

I was actually considering going there soon…now they’ve lost a customer.

Aren’t they trying to gain customers??


I’m not knocking WDW (I love it - and you guys at DC too) but we also LOVE Universal. It’s been said here before, they cater to a different crowd. It is a different type of park. I haven’t seen it, but based on descriptions I think they are trying to give those with different tastes another option.

BTW, I just read on a Universal board how wonderfully brilliant the commercial is. I’ll have to try to watch more TV. I never see stuff like this. Do you think they’ll play it during Lost?


Haha, I know me and my husband saw it on TV yesterday morning. I sure as heck know I NEVER got sick of seeing Princesses and I am 27!!! hehe!!!

I think the worst part of the commercial is when they say “come and take a REAL vacation.”

WHATEVER… let people go there… please… it keeps our crowds down. haha.


Absolutely… My kids will want to go back to US in a few years… They will have the urge to try those big coasters and all that! There’s that “wild teen” atmosphere that will someday really appeal to them…


why the negative ad? It’s like the last week of a political campaign, where they stoop to all sorts of negativity. Makes me really sad.


I love it. I think the burns on Disney are so Universal. They want people to understand they are not a Disney park. I have no problems with any of it. I like Universal parks as well but for a totally different reason. And believe it or not there are many more people who think Universal IS part of Disney. It makes sense to me and friendly competetion doesn’t hurt anyone, especially the consumers. Also, the diehard puritan Disney fans are not going to Disney anyway, so the crowd loss is nominal.

No harm, no foul… just tactics.


OK, all true… I think you are WAY better adjusted than I am! LOL


I personally dont like US for a few personal reasons so I dont like going there in the first place and well with these ads I dont think it would ever get me there again at that rate


I’m with you Wdwspider, we love both parks! We go down for both, and for different reasons. Now, Miss Disney, take a deep breath and smile!! :happy:


LOL :tongue:

Yoga breathing!!! “Good thoughts in… Bad thoughts out…”


Ditto to Spider and E&B’s Mom. Different crowds, different parks, different tastes. The thrill seekers will obviously flock to US/IOA more than Disney. I know I have chosen IOA over Disney many times, because I wanted to go a gajillion miles an hour and be flipped upside down.

I haven’t seen the commercial. But it’s just that - marketing. They’re doing what they can to attract their crowd. Disney does the same, just in a different way.


I have no problem with it either. There really are people out there who feel that way and go to US for just that reason: they think Disney is too sugary sweet.

Also, WDW is the big guy on the block. They can’t help but compare themselves to them.


I understand competitive marketing, but I really feel that is just in poor taste. You’ll never see a Disney commercial talk bad about the hanna barbera crew at US. Oh well, desperate people (or companies) do desperate things!


That’s exactly my thought! I hope their ad is wildly successful.


I thought it was funny! I actually said to Dave, I don’t believe that little girl deserves to go on vacation she’s so grumpy.


ROFL! I just got this email about the Universal Fan Club. Guess what the first two sentences of the first paragraph of the ad attached was?

‘They’ve outgrown fairy tales and pixie dust. Now it’s time for the action-packed thrills of Universal Orlando® Resort.’

:laugh: :laugh: :cool:


Doesn’t it sound like someone who is very desperate trying to say something mean because there is no other recourse??? Haven’t you ever seen a situation like that??
I think that you can appeal to the teenage crowd if you want, but don’t try to use smear tactics… they are desperate and make you appear as if you have already lost the ratings battle… Plus, ALL Disney fans can see right through it (it makes me want to go to WDW just because of it). I have never been to Universal and I have no interest in supporting a company that tries to get away with it. Be competitive, but there is no reason to act like a spoiled brat…


I’m glad that there is a Universal…just think of all those grumpy people that aren’t in line in front of you at great rides like EE or M|S because they went to Universal instead.


I was just talking to my friend about that fairy tales and pixie dust thing the other day…

I love Disney so much, I take it personally, but really, Spider has a good point. It’s all in fun, I suppose.