New Update...... Not Happy!


I got an email from Mousesavers yesterday and it had some new operational updates, 1 which affects my plans is … FANTASMIC!!

Fantasmic will not be shown NOVEMBER 1, 2006- NOVEMBER 8, 2006!!! :eek: :frown:

Since my day to watch fantasmic was November 5, I had to rearrange my plans a bit… :frown:
I called Disney Dining this morning and asked if I coulduse the voucher for another day and of course they said No!
So that meant I had to rearrange my plans a bit. I will be at MGM for SSS Nov.11th -12th so I booked Mama Melrose’s for Nov. 11th (the only day we can go since we leave the eve of the 12th), and our seating time for dinner is for 4:10pm… I booked another Res for H&V on the 5th because we like eating there and I cxld our res for Sci-Fi that Sat. nite 11th.
I dont like eating that early especially with an event like SSS going on but I had no choice! :frown: Also DD’s dad is coming and will miss Fantasmic.

Iam totally disappointed!!!


Oh I am so sorry. That stinks!!!


Oh Val…that totally stinks! I am so sorry that your plans had to be changed. Rennovations can certainly throw a major wrench in you plans…as they did. I am just glad that you will get to see it since it is such a favorite of yours.

You just made me wonder if there are any rennovation changes for my time there…I will have to look later on. Thanks for reminding me. As long at RnR isn’t down, I’m fine. Anything else there can be down.


Dana, here are the rest of the updates I got in the email, I looked on the WDW website last nite and they aren’t listed there yet…

Refurbishment/Closure/Update Schedule at Walt Disney World
Refurbishment/closure information is subject to change without notice and should be confirmed just prior to visiting. Updated information is available at


Pirates of the Caribbean (Magic Kingdom) closed for refurbishment through 6/30/06.

Liberty Square Riverboat (Magic Kingdom) closed for refurbishment through 9/21/06.

Theater in the Wild (Animal Kingdom) closed for changeover to new Finding Nemo: The Musical show until late 2006. Some sources suggest the show will open officially on 11/12/06, with previews beginning 11/5/06.

Mad Tea Party (Magic Kingdom) closed for refurbishment 8/21/06-8/22/06.

Fantasmic! (Disney-MGM Studios) will not be shown 11/1/06-11/8/06.

Blizzard Beach water park will be closed for annual refurbishment 10/29/06 through late December 2006/early January 2007.

Typhoon Lagoon water park will be closed for annual refurbishment from whenever Blizzard Beach reopens through early March 2007.


That happened to us when we went the last time. They did not post fireworks calendar till the very end of the year after I had all my adr’s and that really stunk since I had to rearrange absolutely everything just to see the ELP and we never did get to see it- I cried because I love that parade!


That just stinks!



Don’t give up hope. While the odds are still low, if you keep calling back (like once a week), you might be able to get a seating later in the afternoon. My understanding is that they try to stagger the availability of any type of advanced seating to prevent every available slot from being booked up so far in advance that people who don’t know any better still have a shot at getting a reservation.

“A dream is a wish your heart makes…” :wink:


Whew I lucked out on that one. DBF is taking the kids to BB on the 26th. Thanks for posting the updated schedule Val. :flowers:


No Problem Dana!!! :heart:
It seems that BB always closes this time of year for refurbishment. I have noticed that from past trips because we always go to TL and BB is usually closed first, then TL.
Thank god, because DD and I :heart: TL!!!
although I might skip it this year, but most likely not!
we enjoy it too much! :happy:


Last year we had Blizzard Beach close out for the annual refurb on Oct 20, the day after we arrived. That was minor. We had a change in fireworks times after all reservations were made on Oct 22. This one made me angry. Wishes had been scheduled for 10 PM and we had 9:30 reservations for the Cali Grill. This was our anniversary and the evening of our vow renewal. Well, imagine my horror as we were leaving our building at the Poly at 9 to see Wishes had just started. I stood frozen in horror, camcorder in hand. It took me 5 minutes to realize I had to start taping right them. Well, the lens had been inside all day, so it fogged right away. More inaction on my part, it took me 3 minutes to think to wipe the lens. Illuminations may be at 9 PM every night and by October, Fantasmic is either 7:00 or 7:30. But Wishes can jump all over the place. I’ve seen the time shift from 10 to 8, 10 to 9, and 9 to 10 with very little warning. In fact, if you don’t check the Info Channel every morning, you might wind up holding the “waste” bag after walking Pluto.


LOLOL Sorry that was to funny…lolol