New Vinylmation Urban #2 series hitting shelves July 24


Vinylmation™ - New & Upcoming Releases!

WOW!! I am DROOLING over the holiday ones!!

The Art of Disney Parks


They all are super cute and I have yet to see them in the stores- then again I haven’t really been looking either. I am going to make it my mission in 2 weeks to get one or two or a few!!:laugh: Totally adorable!!


They are hard to come by! We found then in the Art of Disney store on Main Street.


Cool! I like the one where mickey looks like he’s wrapped up like an Xmas gift


The only upcoming series that I feel completely compelled to is the “Cutester” Series. I literally want like every single one.


When’s that one coming out?


Me too!! :wub::wub::wub::wub: Oh my pocketbook! :frown:


If you look at the link, the release date of each series is above it. :happy:


Yeah I just clicked on the link…big mistake…now I want them all!




Okay I gotta say, I have not seen any of these in person yet…

…and yet I already feel like I’m hooked.

I am SUCH a sucker for this kind of thing. I’m afraid to buy myself even one because I know there will be no stopping after that. :pinch:


October :smile:


Aweee! I really wish you could get these outside of the parks! I’d love to get one…any one to put in Little Dave’s room.


I must have the Jack 9"


I’ll pick you up one next time I go! :happy:


You can get them at the WoD store in NYC. :tongue: I also think you can order them from the merchandise line.


Yep you can!! :happy:

Just found the link: Vinylmation | Disney Parks | Disney Store