New way to tour the parks


I found a new thing or way to tour the WDW parks. After my major upset with no MNSSHP on 8/29, I was left with an entire day of “nothing”. I was going to leave the day to chance, but seriously am unable to do that being the planner that I am. The naked day in my planner was calling out to be filled with something and I started thinking of something “different” to do to make the trip interesting. I love going to WDW, but after this many trips, it’s nice to have one day where you do something entirely different from “do or die” touring in the am and shopping in the pm…lol I was in Barnes and Nobles (in the florida travel book section of course) and came across this little gem. Sara and I were interested from the door. It’s a Passporter treasure hunt book. IT’s meant to do in an entire trip I think, but we are going to do it in a single day…lol We have started going through this now and are already planning our attack that will start at the crack of dawn and end when the book is complete…it takes you ALL over WDW…it’s going to be seriously fun.

Anyone looking to add some spice to the same ol’ same ol’ trip, should look into this. Our treasure hunt day is going to be on 8/28 and start at the MK for EMH…we may even start before that at one of the resorts that has things to find.

I intend on doing a real time trip report this time as well…I am bringing the laptop and plan on reporting as we go to also add something new to the trip.

Here’s what it looks like. If anyone has done this yet, I would love to hear how you made out…no telling where anything is please…I want us to have to really look for everything…lol


That sounds like a fun way to spend a day.

I got that book a year or more ago but we haven’t used it yet. I typed up a couple of the pages and stuck in our backpack but we didn’t use them last summer. This trip we’ll have 2 teens with us and I think they’ll love doing this so we’re taking the whole book so they can do what they want.


That’s sound like so much fun to me !

…and I think that if anyone can get it done in a day, it would be you and Sara.

I think I’m going to have to go look at this book next time I’m in the book store!


Oh… I have seen that somewhere before. But that does look like crazy fun. Definitely. I love scavenger hunts.

Well… best of luck!


We just need a new thing to do while there. Sara mentioned going to Disney Quest as well one day (she’s been there, I haven’t) and we may do that too. I just like the idea of this scavenger hunt…doesn’t cost any extra money, it’s new and it sounds like its going to be fun and add a new twist to a WDW vacation.


Does it divide it up by park, or are you racing back and forth between them all- ie., go to Epcot, then MK, back to Epcot, AK, then MK, etc., etc.?


Sounds awesome! Lace up your running shoes and tell’em to fuel up the monorail!


It’s divided up. There are 115 different hunts with some easy questions mixed with more difficult ones. The book says for kids 6 and older. The answers are sealed int eh back of the book.

Chapter 1 Magic Kingdom has 7 hunts by land

Chapter 2 Epcot 4 hunts 2 for FW and 2 for WS

Chapter 3 MGM 5 hunts by location

Chapter 4 Animal Kingdom 5 hunts by location

Chapter 5 Downtown Disney 3 hunts

Chapter 6 Resorts 16 hunts

Chapter 7 Disney Cruise line 3 hunts (Wonder, Magic, and Castaway Cay)

Chapter 8 Water Parks One for each park

It’s a very cool book. The price on mine is $11.95 but I’ve had it over a year so it may be a little more now.


Haha wow!!! I’ve never heard of that but it seems awesome!!! I bet you and DD are gonna have SO much fun with that.


That sounds like fun Dana. What will you be hunting for?


Good luck with that real time trip report!
I always bring my laptop on the longer trips and use the high speed connections on alternating days. That said, and even when I was out at Grand Californian, I found once I logged on to DC or MB, I wouldn’t be off quickly. Therefore, I try to limit surfing to All Ears for menus, current radar(very important), time critical Disney info, and hurricane updates.

The treasure hunt sounds like an interesting idea, weather permitting.


Thanks, DT. That sounds cool!


That is a cool way to spend a day!

And remember the time when Doughnut hid a pin for an MBer to find on the next trip? I was the lucky next traveller, but some sharp-eyed CM had done a thorough cleaning job and the pin was gone!

Dana, would you want to add this kind of treasure hunt to your day? Hide a pin and then post some hints so the next traveller can hunt it down?


I am definately going to Borders to get that book! It looks like so much fun. Do you think it would be appropriate for Joey? He will be 6 when we go.:mickey:


Wow, that looks like an awesome way to “shake things up” a little! I bet it has the possibility of being more fun that the MNSSHP!! What type of treasure hunts are in this book?


My DDs and I have done something similar with the Hidden Mickeys book (by steven M. Barrett) he does it the same way by hotels and parks . . . it fun and does “shake it up” altho in the last month or two Disney has added so many cool things you might find yourself on the extra day hitting Studios again for another view of Block Party . . . or another spin on the Toy Story ride . . . ya never know?

Either way I am SURE you’ll have a blast and I CAN’T WAIT TO READ YOUR TR! :happy:


Here is the passporter’s official website page for the book:

PassPorter’s Treasure Hunts at Walt Disney World


Sounds like a great idea to me, I need to check this out.


Great idea, Dana!


That is a great book, Dana. praisegirl43 sent it to me before our last trip. We had so much fun with that. Enjoy!!