New Years Eve - Cruise or other Tour


OK - has anyone ever taken one the Cruises or Tours at WDW during New Years Eve. Wondering if it would be worth the cost to watch fireworks from a boat and away from the crowds?


I personally never took a cruise or tour while at WDW but when we went for NYE last year it was sooo crowded we just ended up back at SSR to relax. I took my 2 girls (left mom back) and went to DTD and went to their parties


yeah - i was trying to think of a way to experience NYE Disney Style but away from the crowds. At this point, I would be willing to pay pretty good $$$ for a midnight cruise for the 6 in my party.


Im pretty sure they offer curise. check out
I just wanted to get away and liked the idea of DTD


I’d do a Magic Kingdom cruise (if one is available for midnight) IF they are offering one.
That’s a big if because they launch fireworks from the lagoon as well as from the usual places. The lagoon is a mirror of the in park show.
But if they are offering midnight cruises, MK is your better bet because there is only room for six boats for Illuminations and they will all be gone by 7:01 AM the first morning you can reserve a boat.
Conversely, with 5 different marinas and a much bigger area to work with than underneath a bridge, there should be on the order of 15-20 boats total out on Seven Seas Lagoon.

But you could still give the Illuminations cruise a shot.
The Illuminations cruise ties up under the bridge between England and France, you you are inside the park.
IF they are doing midnight cruises for Fantasy in the Sky at MK, you won’t be inside the park, but fireworks will be launching all around you. Either way, you won’t have to deal with the in park crush.


Speaking of cost, these are the prices from 2007:

Specialty Cruise NYE - MK- Basic $495.00 up to 8 people
Specialty Cruise NYE - MK- Premium $545.00 up to 10 people
Specialty Cruise NYE - MK- Epcot $545.00 up to 10 people


that could be worth it…thanks for the information