New Years Eve MK


Ok can anyone tell me a safe time to make sure we are at MK on New Years Eve to make sure that we can get in before it hits cap. crowd levels? I am not sure I can the family to go with getting to the park at opening that day and staying all day without leaving.


Oooo, tough call. We have gone for Christmas through New Years Eve for a few years now. Each time, we decided to avoid MK during the day and just managed to slip in right around 10pm. (Although, I would recommend it…or chance it) The park reached capacity at 11am on New Years Eve - we just happened to get lucky. My DH suggests trying to maybe take a boat in from WL or FW to be with the resort folks. ??? Good luck!

One other suggestion is to hit the early version of the New Years Eve countdown fireworks. Look for or ask about the pre-New Year fireworks schedule. They usually happen a day or two before. Less crowded. Again, best wishes! (Maybe, we’ll run into one another - tee hee!)


That’s a tough one it reaches capcity early.


Was at WDW this past New Years…Just some hints. MK closed at 2pm and Universal about the same…EPCOT closed at 6pm. EPCOT CLOSED at 6pm that is nuts!!! I believe they said 80,000 people were in EPCOT alone.

Hint - I do not know if they will do it again, but the eve to New Years Eve (Jan 30) MK had 2 firework shows - Wishes of course and then later they called it a rehearsal for New Years Eve - I heard it was basically 95% of what they were going to do the next night. They did not announce it - the only way you would have known was to be in the park around 8pm when they started talking about it. So, we got lucky and saw that one and then chose to go to EPCOT the next night (New Years Eve) to see theirs…so we saw both MK’s and EPCOT’s…pretty awesome.


Every year from 2005-2007 I was in MK on NYE and each time I arrived between 8:00 and 8:30 PM and had no trouble entering. Of course, don’t plan on doing much besides watching fireworks, castle shows and parades. Ride wait times will be nutz.

There are two fireworks shows on both the 30 and 31, some years they will also add the 29.
Holiday Wishes will run at either 8:30 or 9 and then the special Fantasy in the Sky will run at midnight.