Newark-LAX last minute airfare deals? anyone know any?


OK, if I can find a good price on airare I REALLY want to fly into LAX on November 11th, leaving on the 13th. I REALLY want to attend my favorite artist’s event at Disneyland on Sat, Nov. 12th. :mickey: The cheapest I can find is like $450! I wouldn’t want to spend more than $275. Anyone know any tricks, deals, have any hookups? I REALLY want to go :crying:
Southwest has some GREAT fares listed but they discontinued service out of Newark!!!
Please help!!! THANK YOU! :happy:


Have you checked for some of SW airline’s deals from nearby cities? You might need someone to give you a lift to a more distant airport, but you right coasters usually don’t have to travel far to get to the next big city! :wink:

I have been travelling via SW a lot lately and their deals are usually among the best. They have helped to keep their prices down because they purchase their jet fuel well in advance… Oh, and I don’t mind the cattle call sort of feel that SW does at the gates and the peanuts…


If you don’t mind flying out of LaGuardia, Delta has some fares into LAX at $288. I found that on


Oh my gosh, I totally cannot recall who posted this, maybe Tinkerbell24? anyway this site has very inexpensive flights


Wow… Cool site… I already went with SW for my trip, but most of the “other” airlines came up higher cost for me when I was still shopping. Now there are some more comparable fares! :smile:


jetblue is out of Newark now, or maybe it will soon be… I have no details for you, and I don;t even know where they fly. But maybe it is something to research! Also, Song flies out of Newark and it is very cheap… maybe they go to California! Good luck!


JetBlue began service out of Newark sometime in October. I don’t know if they are flying to LAX out of there but they do have flights to Florida. Also, some commercial airlines are flying out of Teterboro. I don’t know where those planes go to but it’s worth a try.


Jet Blue flies into Long Beach - which is closer to DL than LAX is and about the same distance to DL that Orange County airport is. My dh has flown Jet Blue into Long Beach several times nonstop and absolutely loves Jet Blue. (I’ve never flown it myself though)


Jet Blue has a cool name… :wink: