Newbie here needing help!


Hi Everyone,
I am new here and I hope you experts can offer some advice!

Quick background: Family of 5—me, DH, and 3 kids who will be 9,7 and 4 when we travel. First time to Disney ever for the kiddos. Dh and I have not been since 1997.

Dates are Dec 15-22. Would love to do POR but DH is adament about not having all of us in one room. I can see his point, it could be a nightmare. However I have never been real excited about the Value resorts. For our budget though (would like to do this all for about $4K) 2 rooms at a Value would work and give DH the space he needs. :tongue:

My question, which one? Pop or Movies? My biggest concern I guess is the bus transportation. Is it long to the parks? I have read the All Stars share and that Movies is the last pickup? Does that mean we’d have to stand the whole time? I don’t mind but it is tough with the kids.

I guess I’d like to stay where we have the best chance at a seated bus ride. And do they come pretty frequently?

HELP! So many decisions. I have been waiting and waiting to go (DH is not a fan of WDW and it is a miracle he agreed to finally go!) and I just want it to be great for our kids first time. We do plan to get a 6 day Hopper and do the Meal Plan which seems like a great value.

Thanks so much!

Allyson :slight_smile:


Hi and welcome to DC!!! You’ll get a lot of advice and opinions here. Hopefully they will be helpful and not add to your confusion!

We stayed at Pop last year and are going to stay there again this year. We really enjoyed it. The transportation was very efficient for us. DS was 8 at the time and thought the icons at the resort were just the coolest. Hope this helps!


Sorry have not stayed at either but just wanted to say Welcome!!!


Welcome to DC! From the people who’ve tried it, two rooms in the Values seems a good deal. Two bathrooms, two tvs. I think I’d go with the Pop Century, just cause it’s the newest! Congratulations on getting your dh to go!


My vote would DEFINATELY be Pop. It’s newer, really fun, and the buses there always seemed great!! I don’t think you’d be dissapointed with it there!


First of all…LOVE your name…AND how you spell it! :slight_smile:

Secondly, I’d also go with Pop. No sharing buses (yes, some of them will still be crowded, though). The transport time to the parks isn’t too bad…the week you are going should be a good week too. I think 2 rooms at POP will be a great choice for your family!


Welcome to DC! We stayed at Movies last May and are going to stay there this May too! Our Children (6 &4) LOVE it there! The buses were good, there was a few times the bus was full and we had to stand. Usually in the morning they sent extra buses, so the wait was not that bad at all. :happy:


Welcome to DC!

I know nothing. Sorry. But I’m very welcoming. :whistling


Welcome to DC!

My vote is for POP! You’ll LOVE IT! :c)


Here is a good map of WDW to see where everything is: As with any pdf you can zoom in so you can read the fine print: :smile:


And here is a WDW trans wizard:

A lot of web tools here:


Hi and welcome!!

If it were me, I’d go with POP too.

You are going to LOVE having hopper passes and being on the dining plan!


Welcome to DC!!! :tongue:

We have stayed at Pop the last 2 times we have went to WDW and it is SUPER! Bus transportation is great and it doesn’t take very long to get to any of the parks. The food court is good and so is the atmosphere! very family oriented


Welcome to DC. I would definitely recommend Pop Century. The buses are great and the food court and gift shop are great too. All the buildings are much closer to Classic Hall(check-in,food court & gift shop) than the All-Stars are to their respective main halls.


Welcome, Ally. I join the Pop vote.

However, have you checked getting one of the cabins at Ft. Wilderness? They sleep six and are set up like a (small) one-bedroom apartment.


Welcome to DC!!

I have only spent one night at Pop and it was fine. Pop has it’s own buses so that is a plus for it. Pop is also much newer. ASMo looks so fun, it’s so Disney. If I had to pick one based on theme it would be ASMo.


Haven’t stayed there either, just wanted to pop in and say Welcome!


Thank you thank you for the very warm welcome and opinions! I appreciate it! I tend to get a bit obsessive when I plan a trip (I think I’ve found a board with people that can relate!) and already my head is spinning with all the info! I just want it to be the best first trip to WDW for my kids. I can’t wait to see them see it for the first time. We are not telling them about the trip till the day before, this is their Christmas present.

I am sure I will be posting more questions and reading, reading, reading!

Allyson :slight_smile:


I haven’t stayed at either but wanted to say Welcome!! I get so excited when I hear about people surprising their kids by not telling them about the trip!!! Why tell them the day before?..why don’t you wake them up the day you leave and say, “get ready quick - we are going to Disney World!!!”…whatever you do I am sure they will be thrilled!!! Have a great time! :wub:


I know I’m going against thetrend, but I vote for ASMovies. The buses can get full but when they are busy, they always seem to send more buses quickly so you are never waiting long for one. Also, I think the only park that dosen’t have it’s own bus to each of the all star resorts is MGM (& Downtown Disney). When we were there in Sept/04, we seemed to be sharing the bus with each of the all stars, but our last trip (2 weeks ago), it wasn’t like this anymore. If you got on a bus to go to ASM from MK, Epcot, or Animal K, you didn’t have a pitstop at the other all stars on the way, only if you were boarding from MGM. I don’t know if this is always the case, or if we just got lucky for the 13 days we were there. Maybe someone else knows for sure. Also, the theming is so fun at ASM! Another thing to rememeber is that POP is very big is spead out.