Newbie - please help with hotels!


Hi everyone,

I am a newbie on this post. I have been reading several of the posts - great information!

My family will be going to DisneyWorld at the end of June through July 4th. I have already booked the car rental and flights. Only thing remaining at this time is the hotels, ughh! I was searching on Expedia and saw that the Radisson - Celebration is only for $89! But I know most of my family wants to stay at a pretty exclusive place. Does anyone have any suggestions for a pretty exclusive place for under $140??

Thanks in advance!!!


Well first off, I just want to Welcome you to DC!! :flowers:

Second, I really can’t help you, sorry. But I’m sure someone can!!

Have fun Planning!! Your in the right place for Help!!


Welcome to DC! I’m not sure what you mean by “pretty exclusive”. Are you looking for the deluxe treatment? That’s going to be a really busy time- good luck with the hunting! I’m a “stay on property” girl, so I don’t have any actual advice. :flowers:

Of course, you could stay at a Value for under $140… :biggrin:


Andrea -

Thanks for the great welcome!

“Pretty exlcusive” meaning something 4 stars of higher.

I think the timing of the trip conincides with the busiest time for WDW, ughh!


Welcome newbie. Try contacting Mouseketrips. They are on the front page here.


Hey! Welcome to DC!!!

exclusive+June/July= more than $140 a night. In my opinion. Of course, I am not a hotel expert.

However, staying on site (Even in a value) allows you benefits greater than a 4 star can offer you.

Such as:

  1. Transportation to all the parks/Down town Disney
  2. Excellent pools

Also, you have easy access to dining in all the resort hotels. (no matter where you stay)

Not sure exactly what you’re looking for when you say “exclusive” - but, it if it’s robes and a super big, comfy, nice room, well, a value is not for you. :c)


I would try and get a WDW property. You are going at a pretty busy time of the year and taking a nice pool break at a WDW resort every day may keep you sane in the florida heat. Have you considered trying on the of the moderate resorts at WDW? They are excellent in quality and in your price range.


Probably need to clarify whether or not you want to stay “on property”, i personally am a “on property person”… Coronado Springs, my favorite, Frenchquarter, nice too… these are pretty reasonable price-wise. good luck.


I would stay on-site as well. You’ve picked one of the busiest times of the year to go (lines may exceed 90 minutes). Disney parks will close their gates to off-site guests if they reach capacity. Staying on-site will guarantee admittance.

Also, no sleeping in this trip! Get to the parks 60 minutes before park opening. It’s your best bet to beat the long lines.

Get a copy of the Unofficial Guide and follow its touring plans like the Bible!


Depending on how many you have in your family (and if you like them or not) you might consider staying at one of the Disney Vacation Club locations. Not cheap but you can get as large as a 3 bedroom “grand villa” thats like 2000 SF. The master has a king & the others BRs have 2 queens. Each BR has it’s own private bath. Plus LR, DR & Kitchen.

Could be cheaper that several rooms, especially if you rent DVC points from a DVC member.

Plus you have the benefits of being onsite.


I second (or fourth or fifth) the on-site idea. A value would be less that $140, and you will not spend much time in the room at all.


You are out of your mind for that price at that time of the year. The best I have seen is $210 and that with a military discount at the Shearton.


Yeah, I was sort of thinking that, too - there is no way you’re going to get ‘exclusive’ for that price during that time…

I mean, I’m sure STRANGER things have happened - whoever suggested calling mouseketrips was right - because a travel agent might be able to work a miracle…



I think the problem is - you aren’t really aware of Disney’s Resorts. A moderate resort may not have the bathrobes and room service, but you’ll get a sparkling, clean room at a resort themed within an inch of it’s life. (Pick your preference: the Carribbean, the Southwest, the “Old” South, “New Orleans”) - and the Disney magic is free. At the time of year you’re going, you are going to want to take a break in the afternoon - the heat and the crowds demand it. On site, you can return easily to your resort. You don’t have to worry about transportation. You have the opportunity of Early Entry mornings or Magic Hours, after the parks close to the public. Like Cavey said - if the parks reach capacity - only Disney resort guests are allowed in. Plus you have the waterparks, Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach right there. There really is no comparison between staying on and off site.


I second that llams - Economy on site is FAR better than economy off site.


Having done both, let me chime in on the “on site” side of things! My main reason is traffic and food. Trying to get into WDW in the morning in the summer is HORRIBLE – really bad traffic. It is also hard to get restaurant reservations at on-site places when you are not on site. Stay on site; save the hassle.

Also, I travel an awful lot (20 business trips already this year and counting), and I think the moderate hotels on site are very nice – clean and convenient. They are not the Ritz, granted, but when you are working within a budget they are A-OK! I personally vote for the Port Orleans (the French Quarter side) for ambiance, theming, and pool. I have to admit I did not like the Coronado Springs as much (too big!), and have not stayed at the Carribean Beach (although I understand from my BIL that it is kid nirvana).

Good luck!!


Hello based on the needs you have described and time of visitation you DEFINITELY need on site at either of the following: Saratoga Springs, Disneys Boardwalk Villas or the Wilderness Lodge Villas. If you insist on staying offsite look for long lines and I would stay at Buena Vista Suites over Radisson! Also checkout Dreams Unlimited Travel for some awesome deals


Check out this site for photos and descriptions of what you might like.