Newest BCV Check In Procedure?


We’re Here!

Ok…so I read where they tried the check in at the Villa building and decided to go back to the BC check in desk…but when we arrived this afternoon before I got to the front door, I was greeted by a gentleman who said " good afternoon, sir, are you checking in" I reply “why yes, I am”. He then asks “Are you Mr. King?” I again reply “yes”, he introduces himself (Stan?..please forgive me as I am terrible with remembering names) Then he asks, “Where are your twins?”. Ok, now this is getting to the level of service my wife and I got staying concierge at the GF. I let him know they are safe and sound in the van with mommy and we walk into the lobby. We get to the check in desk and they are doing their afternoon changing of the guard, but I tell him I am in no hurry. We chat for a bit I ask him how Art is doing and then he turns me over to the desk CM (Brad, maybe?..note to self, sign up for one of those memory classes before Altzheimer’s totally sets in) and says if we need anything to look him up. WOW…so far so good. The next CM starts the check in process and asks me if I still prefer the daily housekeeping, gotta love data stored in those big old computers. I tell him yes, I like to be spoiled with the beds made every day, everything straightened up and clean and my girls love it when housekeeping sets up all of their stuffed animals on the bed. He lets me know he will arrange it with housekeeping, then offers me a choice of first floor with road view or fourth floor with pool view. Hey, they have elevators so why go with the road noise and view so let me have the fourth floor. He says oh, you have a nice big balcony in that room, cuts my keys and we are off to our room. Room 434, 2 bedroom dedicated with queen and pull out in second bedroom. True to his word, this is one of the rooms with a large 1/2 hexagonal balcony leading off the second bedroom. There is also access to the balcony from both the living room and master bedroom.

So long story made…well, ok…long…sorry…:blush: …but is this their new way to make DVC members a bit more special than a regular guest? Has anyone else received this nice touch treatment? I read on another board that it had happened to another person after the June 1 cut over.

Oh…and every step of the way I was asked if I needed help with baggage…I don’t recall that the last time we stayed here at BCV. All in all it made for a great “welcome home”. :happy:

Now for 6 more days in the happiest place on earth!


From what I hear we had the same service when we checked in. I wasn’t there but everyone else was impressed with it.


WOW. I wonder if this is just for BCV. I was dissapointed to hear they dropped the checkin at the villa. I always felt special with that checkin. Since that was our first stay at a DVC, I was surprized to find that it was different at other resorts. We have stayed at AKV, BWV and VWL, and it was the standard checkin line.


Oh! I’m staying at the YC in August but not as a Villa guest b/c it’s for the scrapbooking event. Then we’re at AKLV in Decemeber. I hope they make that a standard for all the DVC members. Sounds wonderful! Sounds like the reason we all prefer Disney Vacations over any other place!


I can’t wait get the royal treatment when we stay there in August. Have Fun!


I don’t think it was just for DVC members, there was always a manager in the lobby of BC greeting people as they arrived. I’m thinking it more of a BC thing and not a DVC thing because we didn’t see this at WL the two days we were there.


:laugh: oh well, I’ll still be at Disney.


We stayed in March and used the desk in the Villas. When did they drop this?

We’ve always had great service from all the CM’s at the BC. :laugh: Several times during check in they turn the computer around and show me what rooms are available. The CM and I would match the room with the map to pick where we wanted to stay.

<blog> We like a #1 a high floor and #2 the Epcot view. 5th floor Epcot view - your windows will be rattling during Illuminations. :laugh:


I think May 31 was the last day for it. It was a trial run and I guess it wasn’t worth the extra cost.


That’s a shame… I am not sure how well it was advertised. We didn’t know it was there in November until we had checked in at the main desk. We went right to the Villas in March.


We had basically the same treatment at SSR, except we were greeted with “Welcome Home” by the person in the lobby.