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I just read this interesting article
As long as we’ve been going to WDW, this place has never been open. I like it :happy:


I think I’ve seen it open during parties for character meet and greets, but nothing else.


I can’t lie… I was so excited I put the link on my facebook… I don’t know if that is a new low or just shows how much I love disney!


let’s go with the latter :laugh:


This was the first place I ever ate lunch at on my first visit in 1992. Too cool they have reopened it and hopefully will keep it open.


yeah! I love that it has sandwiches…must go here.


I never knew it existed! I hope it’s open during our next trip.


I don’t remember this place being open, but it sounds good! I’ll have to try it out sometime…if I can keep myself from walking past it and going to Aloha Isle for a Dole Whip.


Yes you must and you must report on that. But first, Loretta is going in 18 days. We will make her go there and tell us what she thinks :wink:


It seems I stopped in there back in the 90’s , Somehow the dining area looks familiar. We will have to stop there in May if it’s still open.


I don’t remember ever seeing that open. I would love to see it stay open, it’s so nice to have something other than burgers to pick from.


We’ll give it a try if it’s on the Quick Service Plan. I’m guessing it is from the looks of the pictures. Plus the sandwiches. Looks good.:happy:


I had no idea there was even anything inside this building! I thought it was just a front, for decoration! This is great - I’ve always loved the look of this place, I would love to be able to eat there too. Hope they keep it open!


so then it’s a deal, Loretta. don’t forget we are counting on you :pirate:


Looks like we’ll not be able to check it out. Just read where it’s closing April 10th. It’s only open for the holiday crowd. :glare:


Well … Scratch that idea! (Sigh) No turkey sandwiches…


We waited on a two hour line to meet Jack Sparrow after a P&P Party at that spot.


Funny, we walked right past it open with lots of people inside on our last trip, and didn’t think a thing other than questioning in my mind “is that new, or did I always never notice it.” Now I’m upset that I didn’t know it was special and could have tried it.