Next time we complain of disney food prices


My DD just came from a phillies game. $4.25 for a bottle of water. And they ran out, all they had left was beer. I sent her with tons of water, must have saved her 25 - 30 bucks ( there was 6 of them).


Yes, when I went to the Barbara Streisand concert, they charged either $6 or $7 for a small bottle of water. (I was so shell shocked, I can’t remember which amount was correct…it was warm also!)

I also remember staying at Wisconsin Dells with their greasy, nasty food being so much more than Disney. Whenever someone goes on a rant about Disney prices I always bring that up as a comparison or ask what they paid at Six Flags the last time they were there. Usually stops them in their tracks.


Some things are too expensive at WDW but I would rather pay for quality than some of the junk at other theme parks…we actually think that some things aren’t so bad—especially compared with prices in the DC area. I had to pay .93 for an orange today…and that was a sale…


HA! My parents went to the Phillies game on Thursday and said the same thing~!


That’s how much it costs at Clemson games!! I think it’s morally wrong to charge that much for water at a hot outdoors game.

Disney’s water and soft drink prices are actually very reasonable in comparison to sporting events and Carowinds (also $4 a bottle).


Philly prices are ridiculous lol I’m going to the nkotb concert in two weeks at the Wachovia center and am terrified of beer prices lol


Dana: I was at the game Thursday also. Did your parents see me?

Jo-Jo: “All they had left was beer”? NIRVANA!


[QUOTE=Boss Mouse;1134293
Jo-Jo: “All they had left was beer”? NIRVANA![/QUOTE]

I knew that line would get you to comment. But no matter how important beer is to some people, it is still frowned upon for 3 yr olds.


Nonsense, in Oklahoma it is considered a nutritional beverage, of course that is 3.2 beer which barely qualifies as anything other then flavored water.

( Oklahoma folks, please know I am just kidding, I love your state! )



But it makes nap time so much easier!


Why didn’t you mention that a few days ago when we had the grandkids all week. :laugh:

The 8 yrs. we could say “go to your room and read for an hour”. The 3 yr old would last about 30 secs before we’d hear “is it time to come out yet???”.


I work concessions at a ball park as a fundraiser for a charity. The food is marginal at best, everything way overpriced and the paid concession staff sucks - they are ALWAYS running out of stuff. And when we can’t sell product we aren’t making money. Same thing for beer - they don’t flush the lines so we end up pouring foam all darn night and at $8.50 people don’t want a cup of foam.

We get food at 1/2 price but it’s still no bargin. And we have to pay to park like everybody else.


It is absolutely true that concessions at places where there is a “captive” adience --arenas, amusement/theme parks, carnivals, etc. --are elevated to various degrees. I have found that WDW is better than most, both for price and overall value. I live in a suburb outside NYC, and without doubt the prices at Yankee Stadium, Citifield and MetLife Stadium make WDW look like outlet prices( might be a small exaggeration, but it feels true)!


I would just like to say “Beer is your friend.”


My solution, the minor leagues. I’m 20 minutes away from the Iron Pigs (Phillies AAA) and about an hour to the Reading Phillies (AA). Go with $20, get a program, a light snack, a couple of soft drinks, and head home with change from the $20.


That’s nice. We’ve got the Gwinnett Braves (Braves AAA) just down the road, and those seats strike me as overly expensive.