Next Yearly Theme for Disney?


Has there been any indication as to what the theme for 2010 will be? This year of course is celebrating big moments and last year was part of the YOMD. Will Disney extend this years theme or are they in works for a new promotion? What are some ideas you would give Disney for a new yearly theme for 2010? What do you know and what do you want to see?


My guess is they’ll extend the What Will You Celebrate theme for awhile. They usually stick with themes for 18 months or so. YOMD’s was actually over two years.


Yeah, I have to agree with Bella. I think, even if they change the name, it’s still going to be a ‘Celebration’ type theme.

I’m actually done with the themes; the 50th at Disneyland, YoaMD, What Will You Celebrate, etc… :laugh: I know it makes it interesting but the gimmicks are getting a little old too.


I agree, I think Disney is going to stick with the current theme for a little longer.


I kind of like the themes. I feel like I’m getting to experience something new each time I go… even if it’s just a different kind of banner hanging on the lightposts. Yes, I realize they are just marketing tricks, but I’m falling for them and enjoying it. :happy:

I agree that they’ll probably extend WWYC… what do you think will come after that? I’d like to see a return to the Pirate & Princess thing… I think they could fit it in now that they’re doing the pirate-themed costumes/hair/etc to match the BBB. Plus it seems like quite a few people would like to see the P&P Parties return (including me. :laugh:).


I agree somewhat with Wish. At first, it seemed like the themes were something special and not just “everyday”.

I really enjoyed the YOMD. It was a theme where you knew you might actually win something. Say, a Dream Fastpass, a private meet and greet with a Princess (something DW and I were able to do), etc.

It seems more to me like they have to have something going on which takes away the special feeling. If they want to do one every 18 months, then I prefer to see it go for 12 months and then take a break for 6 months and then start the new one.