Next year's trip..which hotel would you pick?


We have over 500 disney points on the visa. By next year we should have the max amount of 750. We were thinking of booking a deluxe hotel for 3 or 4 nights and using the points to help pay for the hotel. I am suppose to be getting a settlement from an accident so if that comes through we should have extra $$ also. We were thinking of sometime in April or May. Which resort would you pick? Keep in mind we will have a 5 yr old with us.

Grand Floridian
Yacht Club

  • we probably wont pick conceirge room *

We are hoping that trip to take some time out to use the pool and other amenities offered. Would love to hear opinions…


With a child in tow, I find the hotels with a monorail connection are best. My DH and I, usually like to stay at the Contemporary when we have our DS (2yr old) with us. This way there is less waiting for a buses, since our son has little patience.

But in the same token, I love staying at the Boardwalk.This puts you in walking distance of both Epcot and MGM. They also have water transport to Epcot and a great kid friendly pool with a great waterslide.

Hope this helped!


I totally agree with Maelae, and that was what I was gonna say - a monorail resort with a little one (although, MY personal favorite would be the Boardwalk :wub:)

Contemporary would be the most fun out of the deluxes for a kid, though.

All 3 of mine love it.


The Wilderness Lodge is our favorite. It’s not on the monorail, but the boat ride to the MK is not long (and is fun too!). We’ve stayed there 3 times now and I’ve noticed many families with little ones (our “little one” was 8 the first time we stayed, so being on the monorail wasn’t crucial), so it must not be too inconvenient for them. We made our first visit to WDW when our son was 5 and we picked the Contemporary because of the monorail. We had a room in one of the garden wings – it was very nice, but we were about as far away from the main building as you could get. The hike from the room up to the monorail was quite long – much longer than the walk from the WL to the boat dock! So, if you pick the Contemporary because of the monorail, I guess the tower rooms would be better (closer, anyway).


contemporary. we had our 2 year old with us last october, and it is so convenient getting on and off the monorail…


I would also say any of the monorail resorts would be a great choice. My boys loved the Poly. You just can not beat the convenience of staying on the monorail!


I of course want to say WL because I love it, but I’m not sure how impressed your 5 yr old will be. If you have the $$, I’d say go with the Poly! Can’t beat the monorail, and the atmosphere!


I agree that staying at a Magic Kingdom resort makes the most sense, since that’s probably the park where you’ll spend the most time. However, I would suggest considering Ft. Wilderness or the Wilderness Lodge. At Ft. Wilderness they have lots of fun activities for youngsters that the other resorts don’t have, and you’ll be able to take advantage of these at either resort.


In general, I’d ditto everyone’s comments about the monorail resorts. Young kids tend to prefer MK. Contemporary has Chef Mickey’s and the Poly has Ohanas, which are both VERY kid friendly.

I would tend to lean towards the Contemporary b/c it is actually walking distance back and forth from MK. It’s a great way to get nervous energy controlled in the morning and you can avoid lines for the train if you leave at a busy time.

I also like the Contemporary b/c of it’s location on the bus loop. Buses stop first at the Cont before Poly and GF, so you’re the first to get dropped off when going home and you can almost always get a seat in the morning.


it is also nice to be able to walk to the contemporary at the end of the day when the lines for the monorail are insane…


Contemporary Tower, not the wings. Yacht or Beach are also equal to Boardwalk, so they are also a better choice. Plus, Yacht and Beach don’t share their bus with Swan/Dolphin/Boardwalk and the two hotels are physically connected and are actually one big hotel with two bus stops and one pool.


definately to tower. it makes all the difference. i love opening my door and seeing the grand concourse…


I love laying in my bed and looking right at the castle (note:must have MK view room, beds must be on left wall as you enter the room, if not, you’re looking at the TTC)


we watched the fireworks from the balcony last october. it is great because you can hear the music from the park and everything…


I like the Contemporary. I haven’t stayed there before, but I went there when we were hotel hopping. :cool:


Poly’s my favorite, but with a small child in tow I have to say Contemporary. You’re going to have monorail access as well as be able to walk to the Magic Kingdom. Can’t get much more convenient than that! :happy:

(Besides, the whole “Polynesian” thing would be lost on a kid anyway. They’re going to LOVE being able to go to upper floors in the Contemporary and see the Magic Kingdom! :mickey: That’s “real Disney World” to kids.)


All of the resorts are nice, but I am a Polynesian groupie. We’ve stayed there on four different occasions, pre and post child, and we have never been disappointed. In fact in July we traveled with an additional two families and they loved the Polynesian too. It has locations, big rooms, gorgeous grounds, restaurants, volcano pool, lake, fireworks, electric light parade, convenient transportation, etc etc etc. You won’t be disappointed in any deluxe resort, but the Polynesian is just my personal favorite.:biggrin:


I would pick the contemporary. I just got done playing with my brand new unofficial guie to WDW and they RAVE about the new rooms there. I think I would pick that.


Personally they all sound good but I am also always looking for the best deal, so price will factor in, hey if you book the cheapest room you can invest the remaining money in Disney stock!!