Nice promo for UK residents


2013 Free Dining for UK Residents very good promo besides the dining also the ticket prices…


Why is it, do you think that they seem to only give UK residents these great deals. Why not France, Spain, Japan? :blink:


Wow very good DMJ, even more reason to visit WDW ( as if we needed one:laugh:)


I would think its because both France and Japan have their own Disney parks.
Plus UK residents tend to spend between 14 and 25 days at WDW, so taking into consideration we have to buy a 14 or 21 day park ticket, our resort costs for that length of stay, and merchandise sales that are made during the vacation, then it’s no wonder Disney offer us such attractive packages to try and get us to take our vacations in the USA.


this promos comes,like all promos because as they look at their future bookings and the cost of airfare and what percentage of business the UK fan brings to WDW,they feel as it is necessary to entice any people on the fence …economies are still weak and disney is trying to make it sweet enough to commit to coming,please note this promo goes away I belive in nov…thus adding to or actually diminishing the decision time to commit…bravo to disney for recognizing they need to make this move…and as I have always said I throughly enjoy the BRITS (UKites) when they are there,great group of people


I have had a deal like this for the past 4 years
around £250 for 14 day hopper ticket ($394)
free quick service or upgrade to regular dinning plan for around £6 ($9)

package cost around £1,750 per person ($2,752) including flight.

I called about a bounce back whilst in Disney last week they wanted $4,000 for POFQ and dinning for 14 nights no flight. :ph34r:


That is a wonderful promo… wish we could get something like that here in the states.