Nice, reliable, legitimate vacation home in Orlando area


I’m sure this topic has come up several times but I am seeking help from anyone who has stayed outside of Disney property (:eek: ) in a vacation home and/or condo.

This year when we went, I was able to use my co-worker’s week at Westgate resorts timeshare for little or nothing. We had a 2 bedroom fully equipped unit with a Washer/Dryer. Boy am I and the family SOLD on staying in something similar when we go again next year. I would prefer NOT to stay in a timeshare again because on our next to last day there, we had a very rude and nasty incident with a guy named Bobby who was supposedly representing the resort. Boy was he ever a…won’t say it but let’s just say I wouldn’t recommend Westgate resorts to anyone now.

Anyway…we’re looking at trying to rent a 2 bedroom home and/or condo but I don’t want to stay in the Roach motel or in a part of town that you can’t sleep at night because of the neighborhood you’re in. Also, I’m a bit leary on the pictures that some of these places put on their website…could be a bait & switch type thing. Lure you in with a nice looking home, only to arrive at some run down, disgusting place. I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about.

If anyone has the name and or website of a legitmate, honest company and/or individual who rents homes in this area, could you please let me know either in a post or a PM?

I appreciate it!


Go to VRBO and look for homes in Celebration. It’s not likely you’ll find something dumpy there.


I have heard All Star Vacation Homes mentioned quite a bit on All Ears, and even in the Unofficial Guide.

If you don’t mind staying in a timeshare (DON’T DO THE PRESENTATION AGAIN!!!), you can get a GREAT deal at for a 2 or 3 bedroom villa…for about $300 for an entire week!


I had friends who did that… took this tour so they could get a free night or something like that.


Kim, thanks for the response, I’ll be sure to check it out.

The thing about the Westgate stay was we didn’t even HAVE to do a tour. Since my co-worker was already a member, she let us stay as a guest and we weren’t required to do a presentation.

We were ready to walk out the door on Thursday morning and this Bobby guy was literally beating on the door stating that he was “worried to death about us because he hadn’t been able to get ahold of us all week”. I told him he had the wrong room and then he proceeded to tell us that he didn’t and that we had to come with him right then and there to the main lobby or else we would be kicked out of the resort because our friends (pardon my language) “screwed us over on this deal”. Needless to say I immediately called my co-worker who called them and told them to leave us alone. We actually wound up checking out a day early because of it and I have told EVERYONE to never stay there. It’s too bad that one person can spoil the whole resort because it was GREAT; quite and peaceful.

I most DEFINATELY do not want to experience something like that again. Ruined our entire day and forced us to cut our trip short.


There was a house that was available.

I saw it posted here once, as well as on ebay.

If I were going to WDW, I would seriously consider it.

Pool, game room, free telephone…


I swapped into Orange Lake once and it was nice and only 3 miles down the road. Sheraton Vista Anna is also nice.

There are TONS of timeshares. You can check which ranks member “resorts” - some are nothing more than old motels.

You can also check ebay. There are weeks available for rent and sale. Some of the units can be bargins. You can BUY a week resale for pennies on the dollar then you have the week forever. (You have to pay annual maint fees but that generally works out to about $100 per night for a week.)

I’ve bought timeshares as cheap as $1 - bought, not rented!


I have used All Stars three times and have been very satisfied. We stayed in at the Windsor Palms in a three bedroom condo. There site lets you see exactly the unit you will get. They have detailed pictures of just about every room. They were also very easy to work with, very professional and reliable. I have pictures of the condos we’ve stay in if you want to see them.


We just stayed in West Haven off of Route 4 near Champions Gate. The Abbey or the Sanctuary rent nice homes with pools for a reasonable price. It is less than 15 minutes to the parks. We have three kids and renting a house with a pool is a better option for us. We also save a lot on food.


Westbank has a pretty bad reputation.

We’re Interval members, and we’ve often stayed in condos in Orlando.

Our favourite is the Marriott Grande Vista - and it’s been surprisingly easy to get into. I have to admit that the suites and grounds are as nice as any Disney Condo (and we’re DVC members)! It has a wonderful location, less than 5 minutes from SeaWorld and about 15 minutes from WDW. I am VERY PICKY - and I can’t find one thing wrong with the Grande Vista. We’ve stayed twice. I’d recommend it to anyone.