Nice surprise!


Over the weekend my DW and I were sitting in the den and out of the blue she said why don’t we go to Florida over Thanksgiving. Mind you we are already leaving the day after Christmas so this was quite a surprise. So we are leaving the day before Thanksgiving and staying through Dec.2. She isn’t the biggest WDW fan but I know with the decorations all up she will be up for visiting a day or 2 there.


I agree nice surprise! I would love to see all the Christmas decorations!:happy:


Fun!!! I hope you enjoy every second!! :heart:
I really think Christmas decorations at WDW are the best!


Where will you be staying?


Nice wife. Great surprise. Congrats, I am a little jealous :blush:


Same here!! <3


That is a great surprise!!! I dream of the day that my hubby will turn to me and say “Let’s take a trip to Disneyworld”. I’m always the one bringing it up first, and he does go along with it right away, but I would love for him to be the one to surprise me with it sometime.
You are lucky!!! :wub:


We actually have a condo over in Cocoa Beach which makes it very nice for impromptu visits.