Nicest 1TS Credit Restaurant


Hi all.

DH and I want to do one night in September without Ty. We are gonna try the kids club at the Wilderness. I want to have a nice meal then hit some rides together so we don’t have to do child swap for EVERY Ride.


I don’t care where we go, but for the tennative plans I have I can only afford 1TS credit each for a meal.


Any thoughts, suggestions, what not to do etc?

Thanks everyone.



You have a few options here. Since you are leaving Ty at the WL, you could just go to whispering canyon cafe right there at the lodge and then head to the magic kingdom if that’s the park you had in mind. If you had another park in mind, you should find a kid’s club closest to the park you are heading to that way should you be called to pick him up for any reason, you are close by. A 1 credit, nice place is easy to find near any of the parks. Since you refer to child swapping, I am going to assume you mean either the MK park of MGM. A nice place in MGM is momma melrose…definately a favorite of mine.


tutto italia was nice, lecellier, maya grill was nice.

ooh, how about coral reef, and get a personalized menu/diver sign?


We are already planning on doing Whispering Canyon with Ty. Mamma Melrose was a place I was thinking about.

I don’t care if we “do” MK or Hollywood studios but I just love TOT and RnRC so I might be leaning towards Hollywood studios (HS?).

I just want to do something nice.

Like, in EPCOT I want to do MS and Soarin’.

UGGGG. So much I want to do so little time!

Sorry I am so confusing!



I do have Coral Reef with Ty b/c he is a fish freak! Seriously, He loves fish.




I have never ate at Momma Melrose but it smelled great! I would say in MK try Liberty Tree. In Epcot there are lots to chose from: Le Cellier, Teppan Edo, Coral Reef. In Animal Kingdom I would love to try the Yack and Yeti. If you are looking at going to MK you could do Kona or 'Ohana or something else at GF or Polynesian. I love Whispering Canyon but I would take kids with me to that one.


What night are you going to do this? I can give you game plan of attack if I can see the park hours. I can get you on all four attractions too with a little thought.


I would vote Le Cellier or Coral Reef. Since you need to do CR with your little one, I guess my vote is for Le Cellier.


If I could pick anywhere, I’d say Le Cellier. Its cozy and romantic.
At the Studios, I think Mama Melrose would be great.


Le Cellier, period.

Actually if I went again on the dining plan I would eat at Le Cellier at least twice! That is the best meal we had the whole trip, Coral Reef and Ohana second.

I did not care for Mama Melrose. Their sauce actually tasted like Ragu for me. Liberty Tree is good, but I would do that as a family. The kids would love the characters.

I don’t think there are hardly any bad reviews for Le Cellier.


For one table credit LeCellier is your best choice for food and atmosphere.

Then go on Soarin’ etc. and stroll around the World Showcase. Very romantic. If you time it right you can catch some of the entertainment going on.


For one credit I would say Le Cellier or Kona Cafe, both are very good.


Another vote for Le Cellier


1st choice, DEFINITELY Le Cellier! 2nd choice, Maya Grill. It is now a MUST do for us!!


Teppan Edo
Tokyo Dining
Coral Reef
By the time you go, The Wave should have replaced Contemporary Steakhouse in the Contemporary.
Consider Yak and Yeti
Kona Cafe
Under the new meal plan’s structure Crystal Palace for dinner


Any night would work, we do have it penciled in for Friday, Sept. 19 BUT we have not officially booke the trip yet b/c DH still has to pick his vacation days at work and it goes in order of senority. He should be getting the book any day now Plus we don’t see a prob with the week we picked but we want to be safe than sorry! I will give you the exact dates of the trip as soon as it is booked!



PS After reading everyones comments I am really interested in Le Callier.


Thanks everyone! I think I am going to give serious thought to Le Cellier. I have never been there but the reviews sound awesome!

Thanks again!



La Cellier

Corral Reef

GF Cafe