Nick Hotel...I wrote a complaint to Holiday Inn Guest Services


Several people I spoke with about our bad experience at the Nick Hotel encouraged me to write to the Holiday Inn’s guest services. I found a place online to vent to them. I emailed the whole story to them and they responded with that they were going to follow-up with the general manager of the resort. We will see if they give us any type of refund or a free stay as they said they would.


I am glad that you voiced you opinioin to them officially. please keep us posted on this. I am very interested in hearing how they solve this issue.


I hope you are able to get some kind of refund as it doesn’t sound like you would like to return there anytme soon.


Did you hear any thing yet???


Hi there,

Last year, we had a HORRIBLE time at the Nick Hotel. I went straight to the top…the GM of the Nick Hotel. I emailed him on a Thursday afternoon and his assistant was calling me by late Friday morning w/a 2-day FULL refund!!!

We’ll never stay there again and tell everyone we know not to stay there but at least the refunded our money!!!


Still no word yet from them. If we (me and my friend) do not hear anything but the end of the week she is going to call the resort and talk to the GM.

Anyone happen to know who the top dog is there and an email address?


I don’t know if I’m getting a clear picture here: you’re angry that they didn’t let your DS go on the waterslide without a lifevest? When that was the hotel policy?


I think I understand that it was the lack of consistency that bothered CaraMia and her friend.


:nuke: :nuke: :nuke: :nuke: :nuke: :nuke: :nuke: Fixed!


Exactly. There were children smaller then our boys going on the slide all weekend…and one of our two boys had gone on the slide like 6x in a row…all of a sudden on his 7th time they decide to start enforcing the rules? And they wouldnt allow my son, who is taller, on it at all. Even that morning we saw children smaller then our boys going on the slide without a vest. Same thing with the hot tub. The entire weekend we saw toddlers to tween age kids in the hot tub. Then when our boys go in it we are told it is against the rules and they had to get out. Even as we were talking with the lifeguard there were two toddlers in the hot tub. They were totally picking and choosing when they wanted to enfore the rules. Aside from all that, there really is not alot to do there on a bad weather day but they promote the place like there is. The food was awful and the room was very damp. The pool thing just put us over the edge.