Nickelodeon family suite deals?


Does anyone know of any deals on this hotel?

I think my kids would love it the first 2 nights in town before our disney vacation stars. Dh just doesnt want to spend the money.


Don’t know of any deals but your kids would love it for sure!


I looked a the website yesterday, we were looking at some September days and rooms started at 149.00 per night. I do not know if it is a good deal or not, but it seemed like a decent price.


We are looking for 8/11-8/13 and the rooms are 380 a night.

So if you can get it for 149, i say book it now.


Wow 380 is pricey!


probably so low because of the September off season!

Has anyone stayed here recently?

We are thinking of going 9/26 to 9/28 and checking in at WDW 9/28!


I’ve heard very mixed reviews on the place. I’d like to try it someday, so if someone does go, be sure and post a report when you get back specifically on the Hotel.


The “travel section” of our newspaper just did a piece on it. The writer and her nephew (12) had four days there and gave it an excellent review. Tons going on, lots of activities for the kids, “family” contests - her only gripe was the noise level at the pool. Rooms were very cool and geared toward kids private “suites” for them with tv, dvd and x-box (I think, forgive me I’m not up on my video games).


We stayed at the Nick Hotel for 3 nites at the end of April. We were only supposed to do 2 nites but the drive did not take as long as we figured so we called when we were about 2 hours out and they had a room for 159.00- it was a Tuesday nite. Wednesday night was free because I had signed up for Holiday Inn’s priority rewards and had enough points!!! Thursday nite was 210.00 because it was considered a weekend!! All said and done, my children absolutely loved it!! They are 3 1/2 and 5. We did the Nick hotel before 1 nite in Sarasota visiting family and nine nites at disney. It was a great start to the trip!! We had a 2 bedroom spongebob suite and we all fit comfortably!! One room had a queen or king bed, the other room had 2 twin beds and the living room had a pull out couch that we did not even use. There was a small fridge and a little living room. The characters are in the main building and at the check in desk at certain times of the day. The pools and activities were great. My 5 year old son was chosen to participate in one of the poolside games to have his “brain washed”!!! The noise was never an issue for us because our room was not poolside, but the walk was still short!! So, my opinion is that the Nick Hotel was great and we will definitely go again!!!


does anyone know the website is the nickelodeon family suites? :confused:


Nickelodeon Family Suites Orlando Florida this is where i found the best rate.


thanks for the info tonipotts.


I never even knew there was a Nickelodeon themed hotel, though I should have expected it in Florida lol! The rooms look fantastic but sleeping with a giant Spongebob over my head seems quite daunting!


i can’t wait to stay in this hotel.