Nickelodeon Hotel?


I was just watching TV and the local TV station in Florence is giving away vacations to the new “Nickelodeon Hotel” in Orlando, Fla… Has anyone ever heard of this???
Here’s the link–it looks soo cool for kids—yet a disney rip off a little bit—


Here’s a recent post with links and experiences:


I cannot get any of the pictures from this thread or the other thread to load…:dry:…it’s not anyone’s fault, it’s my darn computer…

That being said, I’m sure I would like to give this hotel a try sometime. I would never stay there if I was going to Disney, though. Only if it was a strictly Universal trip. I really enjoyed all the Nickelodeon theming of Universal Studios in Hollywood, so I would probably like this hotel’s theme. (Although I don’t like most of the new cartoons on Nick.) ANYWAY…blah blah. I’m undecided without seeing the pictures, but I’m pretty sure I would be interested in staying there at some point.


This hotel’s prices are high!! But of course they are all suites!
And a heart shaped whril-pool in the king size suite…nice…


Yeah, we had talked about this one before.
It’s one of the few places we’d like to try other than Disney, and I can’t let my 4-year old see it or he’ll want to go there!!! Darn spongebob!!


I really think that SpongeBob is going to take over the world… :biggrin:


:pirate: Are ya Ready?


LOL I’m ready for SpongeBob to take over the world! :laugh: Oh great, here it comes…“Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SPONGE-BOB-SQUARE-PANTS! Absorbent and yellow and porous is he! SPONGE-BOB-SQUARE-PANTS!..”

Whoa…a heart-shaped whirlpool tub? :whistling DH will probably make it mandatory that we stay there, due to the tub & SpongeBob alone! LOL!


Mousesavers had a good deal with Nick Hotel. I think this place will be good in a year. They have to get all the bumps out. You can go to and read some reports on it. It is all for the Kids. Even the spa does not take adults. And I think my aunt hit it on the nail, she said, “its like staying at Chucky Cheese all week”. The pool is very cool but very loud and the main one shows movie until at ltest 10pm. So a room by the pool is hard to sleep. Also, kids eat free is only during certian times.
Still looks cool.


This is actual a remodel of the Holiday Inn Family Suites, we stayed there in 2002. It was great then. The KidSuites were fabulous - a master suite with king bed, kids room with bunk beds, bathroom, and living room with mini kitchen. The pools were huge and fun. The buffet was great and we had a special rate that included free buffet every day and $50 per day towards another meal!! All for $140 per night.

The place had one several awards before we went there and I’m sure the new theming has only improved things - especially in the kid world!

If I absolutely had to have a suite I’d pick this one in a heartbeat…but I’m heading back to POP Century this time :biggrin:



WE stayed ther for two nights before Disney in Oct. and Meghan had a blast. She went to the Kids spa, and the lady there fell in love with her and did her hair and nails. She became a walking ad for that woman telling everyone where she got her hair and nails done. she went back there twice just to sit and talk to her. By the way they will do adult hair, I asked if she would do my hair like Meghan’s. It lookedso cool and comfortable. It stayed up for almost two weeks. She finally asked me to take it down or it would have stayed up longer. However, word to the wise, if you plan to use the spa to get your hair braided, bring a scarf or a doo rag to sleep in from home (it’s a requirement to make the braids last longer and to protect the scalp from the sun), because you will not find one in Orlando or on Disney property. We know because we looked for days, Meghan had to sleep with one of my tee-shirts wrapped around her head.
She can’t wait to spend another night there and let the girls in the spa do her hair in braids again. She really enjoyed that. The rooms were great and it was in the middle of the remodel. The restaurant was excellent, even though it was a little pricey. If I was going to stay there I would get the entertainment book and get the room discount and the dining discount. It was well worth the money, and the entertainment books are marked down right now. Check it out.