Nickelodeon Suites Resort Question?


I was thinking to stay in Nickelodeon Suites Resort! But! I don’t Understand Why did Nickelodeon Family Suites Resort changed the name to Nickelodeon Suites Resort? Please tell me why so I won’t get more confused?


I wish I could answer your question… now I too am confused. I just visited the website and absolutely NOTHING is different other than the name. WE stayed there for a week last August while doing Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. It was a LOT of fun for the kids. We have a 13 year old and a 2 year old and we took our 13 year old cousin so that our son would have someone to hang with. The baby LOVED IT…the big boys LOVED IT also. But as for the name change…???


thanks for the info! Your tried! thanks again somehow!


Ah Ha! Found It!

The hotel originally opened in 1992, and was originally branded the “Holiday Inn Family Suites”; which featured both “KidSuites” (rooms decorated to match specific themes) as well as specially designed suites, such as movie-themed “CineSuites” and romance-themed “Sweetheart Suites” (which featured, among other amenities, heart-shaped whirlpools).

In 2004, Holiday Inn and Nickelodeon announced a partnership and renovation of the former Holiday Inn Family Suites, which would transform them into the Nickelodeon Family Suites by Holiday Inn.

From the hotel’s reopening in 2005 to 2009, the hotel carried the Holiday Inn flag and moniker. In 2009, the hotel dropped the Holiday Inn flag and was renamed simply “Nickelodeon Family Suites”. In November 2009 Nickelodeon Family Suites changed the name and logo during Nickelodeon’s changes. They renamed Nickelodeon Family Suites to the now Nickelodeon Suites Resort.


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You are very welcome:smile:


anytime! This is going to be our first time in the new Nickelodeon Suites Resort!


We went last May with our GS Troop (what the girls wanted to spend their cookie money on, this year is Disney!) I have a TR somewhere with all the pictures. It’s an interesting place, but if you LIKE Disney standards, you will not get that here . . . it’s crowded and REALLY loud. Your kids will love it, basically they get in the pool in the am and don’t get out. The “SLIME” by the pool is just colored water, if you want to get REAL SLIME, then you have to pay extra to attend a show. The food court is tiny, the character breakfast buffet was good. The resort itself is not that big . . . you can easily walk all around. Not sure if you are familiar with the surrounding, but Nick Hotel is close to the Gaylord Palms! It’s kinda next to nothing, so make sure you have a car. They do provide shuttles to all the surrounding parks though.

IMHO for the price, I’d rather stay at a Deluxe in Disney.


mickeysgirlz is right on the money. The kids will indeed LOVE IT, but for the price you can definitely stay at a Disney Resort. I’m glad we did it for our children though.


thanks for the info!