Night before the Cruise


Hi everyone…

We are leaving on the Disney Cruise in June and would like to stay in the area the night before instead of driving in that morning. We live in Miami so the drive isn’t bad but I would rather be there already that morning. We went on this same cruise in 2006 and did this same thing. The hotle where we stayed at was not bad but I just wanted to get any reviews(bad or good) on places around there.

Thanks everyone…


We stayed at the Residence Inn right there. It was very nice and since it is a Marriott brand, I am sure it still is. It was also, at the time, very reasonable for a group of 6.


We are from Jax and when we cruise out of Port Canaveral we like to drive down the night or day before and stay the Hilton.

Shoot even when we sail out of Ft Lauderdale, we will drive down to cocoa the day before and stay at the Hilton, to break up the drive.


Thank you guys for your info.


:cheshire: We usually stay at the Hampton Inn, they have a wonderful continental breakfast, that way you won’t have to rush to get breakfast in, you can eat right in your hotel.


We stayed at the Embassy Suites. We love the free cocktail hour, and free breakfast. It was a very nice hotel too. The trip to the port was very quick and they set up transfers at the front desk for us.


Thank you goodegirl