Night of Joy? Anyone been?


What time can we get in?

Do they do fireworks and all?

All the rides stay Up?

How does this work…just curious?


The event starts at 7pm. It works just like any other hard ticket event.

No fireworks. Most rides will still be open, but definitely not all. There are several stages aside from the castle stage the artists use. There are also “dance parties” for some of the youth groups.


I’ve never been, but many times have been leaving MK while all the youth groups were arriving. It always gives me an inspiration seeing large groups of teens/young adults with such manners, smiles and all around good attitudes. Just might consider joining them this year.


Rowdy, how can we find out which rides will be down…and what are wait times like for rides?


They have special times guides for the event that lets you know. As far as wait times, I actually don’t know because whenever I work the event, I’m assisting the musicians and escorting them, so I don’t get to go out in the park much. However, I would expect them not to be bad at all. People don’t go for the rides at NoJ. They go for the concerts.


AWESOME - we have seen most of the acts (several times) that will be there and still would like to catch a few but mainly we will ride. My oldest son (11) LOVES Lecrae…we dont let him listen to mainstream rap and he feels so uncool - Lecrae is his out, always thinks he is so “with it” cause he is listening to rap - so for sure we will hit that one


sorry, but any characters out during this time…?


Usually at the Dance Parties. Of course I’m not even sure if they’re doing any dance parties this year. I’m not involved with it this time unfortunately.