Night of Joy


We are going to WDW on September 8. I didn’t realize when I booked that Night of Joy would be going on Thurs - Sat. We are not going to NOJ, but I am wondering if anyone has been there while this is going on. How are the crowds in all of the parks? I am a little disappointed because MK is only open late 2 nights we are there.


I’m so sorry about you getting short hours at MK, but it’s to be expected in September anyway. MK runs on short hours in value season. Just think you will have Epcot and MGM at night. Maybe with everyone attending NOJ, you will get some low attendence and short lines in the other parks…sorry trying to think positive for you. :heart:


Thanks Dana. I thought maybe more people maybe at the event aswell. The good news is Sunday and Monday, MK is open until 8:00. That should be enough. I am just greatful that we can go at all.


Great way to look at it. Where are you staying? Have you considered maybe checking out night of Joy? that’s one way to get into the MK after hours :smile: Don’t forget to take a few notes and post a trip report here when you get back. :mickey:


We are staying at the Dolphin. We thought about going for a night to NOJ, however, we are only getting in on Wednesday. The best night of NOJ is Thursday or Friday, (I love Christian Music). The problem is, we have a 21 month old. We thought about in room baby sitting, but if we did that, we don’t want to leave him the first couple days in Disney. I will do the report also. I want to help people to have the best days in Disney possible and cheaply.


But if your child is under 3,wouldn’t they get in free?


Hi Ya’ll,

At the risk of sounding like a dumb-butt, I must say “I have no idea what Night of Joy is”? I hate admitting this because I consider myself somewhat knowledgable about WDW. :blink: Anyway someone please educate me! :wacko: Thanks!


I don’t know about cost for a 21 month old for NOJ, but the problem is, he is just too young. With the NOJ tickets costing major money, we would want to enjoy it, not running after a baby. As of as Night of Joy: It is a celebration with Christian Music. They have big headliners in the Christian Music Arena, such as Michael W. Smith, and Stephen Curtis Chapman. It starts on Thursday September 9 and ends on Saturday September 11 at MK.


Yeah NOJ is a Christian Music festival type thing. 3 nights where they have different Christian music artists perform. They split them up and it starts about about 8 pm and goes on until really late.