Night of Joy?


Does anyone know anything about this ‘party’ at WDW? All I know is that alot of Christian music artists will be there and its usually in September…

Is it exclusive only to youth groups? Only high school youth groups? Or can anyone go if you bide your time and buy your tickets at the right moment?

I’m involved with a few college-aged christian groups right now, but either way it would be keen to see that with a couple friends!

Helpful answers are much appreciated! :happy:


I believe Mickaholic can help you out with this…Alma???


It’s open to anyone and everyone who wants to get in on it. Very awesome. I enjoy it thoroughly every year.


ACK seriously?!? Thats awesome, Rowdy! Thank you so much!!

Now to find out about ticket prices…darn it! :laugh: That’ll be a stretch for us art students…

Does anyone know if you can buy a ticket JUST to be there for the evening concert? Or would you have to buy both? (One for all-day @ MK and one for NoJ?) I’m assuming they’re not going to have a package deal for spending the day then staying for the night…


I am not sure if it is a hard ticket event.


It is a hard ticket event. You can purchase the tickets at the WDW web site. They are $39.95. :mickey:


Not sure what “hard ticket” means…Hard to get? :huh: Doesn’t really answer my question, unless I’m missing something…


Hard ticket event means you need a seperate ticket specifically for NoJ.

MK will close early that night, and will reopen only for the NoJ ticket holders.

If you want to spend the day at the MK as well, you’ll need to purchase a ticket for the day - and then a seperate NoJ ticket to get into Night Of Joy.


Rats. Oh well. Can’t have your cake and eat it too! …whatever that means. :huh:

Thanks for all the help guys! I’m assuming some rides and attractions may be open that night as well in case one needs a break from the muzac? Or is it concert only?


Like, MVMCP, Grad Night, or MNSSHP, Night of Joy will have everything open with the concerts as an added perk.


When you buy tickets for these after hours parties,they start letting people in as early as 4pm. I’ve gone to this event for the past 2 years,and they were very good.