Night Vision Goggles at AKL


My family and I are having dinner at Boma for the first time in May. I have heard that you can get night vision goggles to observe the savannah. We were thinking of doing this after our meal. Has anyone done this, where do you get the goggles, and what was your experience like? Will my 9 and 6 year old be interested?

Thanks again for all your great responses!


id like to know also my dh would like this…


We used them about two yrs ago. I forget the time they start. it was cool and not cool at the same time. Just using night vision glasses was interesting, but 2 yrs ago, you had to share TWO SETS of glasses for maybe two doz people. What happened then was, two lines of people, the CM handed you the glasses and you used them for 2 or 3 mins. There was no timer or anything, (but I suppose if you kept them too long, the CM would say something) then the CM would wipe off the eye pieces and hand them to the next person. I think I got a really great view of a log. I just couldn’t “see” what I was suppose to be seeing. But it would have been nicer if there has been about 10 pairs and you could use them for 15mins. I don’t know if the procedure has changed since then.


I’d rather use the beer goggles. You see lots of wild life with them too! :laugh:


:laugh::laugh::laugh: I like ya style :laugh: I have the same experiance.

Would love to know more about this we are eating at AK in sept,


I can’t use beer goggles.
Some sort of chemical incompatiblity issues or something.


Nope. I just used them for the first time a month or so ago, and it was the same thing. If you want to see again though, you can just get right back in line. When we did it, we were looking at the savannah to the left of the flamingoes. We found a giraffe lying down under a tree. :slight_smile:

I really recommend it if you’re going to be at AKL anyway. It was a neat experience! Here’s a picture:

Also not to be missed: the Cultural Safari. A representative from Africa (ours was from South Africa) gives a short presentation about their home country and what life is like there. Our rep played drums for us afterwards and was more than happy to answer questions. The Cultural Safari took place inside AKL on the left (if you’re facing the big window) of the lobby.


Night Vision is great, we always make sure to go down a few times and have a peek through! Have never seen anything ‘exciting’ but it’s an interesting way to experience the savannahs! The kids all seem to love it too! The CM’s who monitor it have some great facts and tales to share too. I think it takes place between 7pm - 9pm, depends on the time of year, when it gets dark etc but just ask at Concierge when you get to the lodge and they’ll give you the most up to date timing and that evening location! :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone! It sounds like it is worth giving it a try. I will report back about my experience.