Nightastic fireworks and Electrical parade


ok, I am confused…it was mentioned in a trip report that the ELP ended on August 14th. I have seen the the Summer Nightastic ends on the 14th. Is this parade and the new fireworks the same thing??? It was mentioned of pirates at the castle during the fireworks. Are these fireworks something that we need to see IN MK? We have a ressie the night of the 14th at the California Grill to see the fireworks, but if there is more to be seen maybe we should go to MK??? Hope this question wasn’t too confusing!!!:laugh:


I assume you mean my TR?

Yes, the parade and the fireworks are part of the Summer Nightastics

Here is the link: Summer Nightastic! | Walt Disney World Resort

Here is the info:

Summer Nightastic!

See Walt Disney World Resort in a whole new light with Summer Nightastic! from June 6 to August 14, 2010. As the sun sets, the excitement rises with this electrifying lineup of after-dark attractions and entertainment.

Experience new thrills and classic favorites.

[B]* The Return of Main Street Electrical Parade...

Brighten your night with the return of a Guest favorite, the dazzling Disney’s Main Street Electrical Parade in Magic Kingdom Park. You’ll see new additions, including —fun-loving Tinker Bell, who now leads the parade, and festive floats inspired by Pinocchio and Snow White.

  • The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Re-Imagined

    In a magical glow, take a plunge down the “elevator” shaft of the once-glamorous Hollywood Tower Hotel in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Exciting new special effects, like a new high-adrenaline drop sequence, make this ride frightfully thrilling—and chilling!

* Summer Nightastic Fireworks Show

Bursts of vivid color and brilliant visual effects dance in the sky as whimsical music fills the air in a special summer fireworks spectacular at Magic Kingdom Park.

* Rock ‘n’ Glow Dance Party

This party at the Sorcerer’s Hat is the place to be! Dance to the live music of a “landscaping crew” by day, rock band by night! Between sets, an interactive DJ amps it up. Come by any night except Mondays and Wednesdays—even rock stars need their rest.

* Sounds Like Summer Concert Series

The whole family will be rockin’ and rollin’ to some of the best sounds in music played by great tribute bands that recreate classic hits of legendary music icons. These live concerts are at Epcot, only from June 12 through July 31, 2010.

Light up the night with a visit to Walt Disney World Resort and experience the magic of Summer Nightastic! It’s fantastic!


Per the fireworks!

There are NO REAL PIRATES, just the audio is Capt Hook taking the castle “Go get em boys!” and then the castle turns bright red and there are booms of cannons firing and billows of smoke rise from the castle!

If you are only going to be able to see it once I would recommend a spot in front of the castle for the full effect. If you have a chance to see it again, then I’d keep your ressie. Guess it all depends on how much you want to see it?

These fireworks are different from wishes - like I said they extend 90 degrees on both sides of the castle so you are really in the center of the action down by the castle. The works reminded me of the Pirate and Princesses Party works, with a little of Hallowishes mixed in! They were awesome!


Yup, it was your trip report!!! Which I really enjoyed by the way-helping to get me through the next 54 days!!! We had similar problems at POFQ last year. MAybe I will c if we can change our ressie to Friday night, as we will not be going into a park on Friday. Thanks for your help!!!


Thanks!! Enjoy your trip! :heart:


If you have seen the pirate and princess party and the Halloween party… you have seen the fireworks. Granted, it is fabulous, but it is a remake of the two fireworks… If you have seen them… it is a great combination of the fireworks… The parade was fabulous too… Everyone LOVED it, and I was there on the first night.


We were there on the first night too!! I’m glad you agree it’s a combo of the two - at first I wasn’t sure, but the more I thought about it it is! :laugh: Still AWESOME!! :wub:


Am I correct in that the Nightastic Fireworks start at 10pm?? I just made a 935 pm ressie for dessert at California Grill–hoping that time should be perfect!!!


It is indeed at 10pm.