Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D!


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Click on the “coming soon” tab and find out…very little more than basically what I’ve told you! :laugh:

Is anyone else excited about this?? I’m rather psyched, who cares if its a money making scheme, I love stop motion, I love this movie, and I never got to see it on the big screen before. And certainly not in 3D!

Woo. :wub:


Nightmare before Christmas is one of those few Disney films that had each and every song rock.


Yeah, the songs were AWESOME! :wub: And I can’t wait till it comes out in 3D… It’ll be really cool.


I agree! In my humble opinion there are some other movies that had completely great songs–Aladdin was one of them–but yeah. Danny Elfman is too cool for school.:cool:


Danny Elfman and Tim Burton BOTH made that movie rock! :cool:


I adore NBC! For some reason it just captivates me. I’m so excited to hear about the 3-D version!!!


that is going to be awesome in 3d. the movie is great , in 3d it is going to be awesome. i cannot wait to see it…


You just made my day - I am so psyched…I LOVE that movie!


when does this come out? my DH loves this movie.


I have actually never seen Nightmare Before Christmas (and I even own the DVD). But I know my friend Sarah will be soooo excited over this. She’s a NBC fanatic! Can’t wait to share the good news with her. :biggrin:


I liked the movie. I love the music. I love 3-D.


dh watches it all the time between october and december…


My DS will be soooooo excited. He :heart: 's NBC!!!


it gets to the point i hear “making christmas” in my head constantly…


I’m in. I love the original.


Yep, I’m there. Loved the original, it should really be cool in 3-D!

I’m already planning. The web site says this opens on October 20. Hopefully, the HM at DLR will be redecorated in the NBC theme by then. So, on the Saturday before Halloween, we hit HM in the afternoon, catch NBC at DTD later in the evening and head to In N Out for dinner! Perfect.


I am soooooo psyched about this. What a great film!


thats awsome i didtn know it was coming out in 3D


Maybe the reason they are re-releasing is to hype up the public about a 2007 NBC event at DS? (see post from Dana earlier today)

Either way, we will most definately be there. I haven’t seen a 3D movie in a theatre in so many years I can’t even remember!


im bery excited…