Nine Dragons Closed for Renovations


Does anyone know how long this will be closed for?


On allears, they say that its closed until Nov. 2008, but then they say they have had conflicting reports about the dates. I guess that doesn’t really help!


I need to investigate this I will call Disney. Everyone in our party wants to go their for lunch. SOoOO I will let you know.


I wouldn’t get to worried about not being able to eat at Nine Dragons. It isn’t that great. It may be better than mall Chinese, but I think it’s only on par with most neighborhood Chinese places with a much more limited menu. I think it’s supposed to be a major renovation, so it will be at least 6 months, I’d guess.


I guess I just like chinese food because I like Nine Dragons …


We have never eaten there, because we have a zillion Chinese places in our town and really in every town around NYC… we got so burned out on Chinese here at home, that we look for ways to avoid it now. Why can’t we get more diverse food here???


I have never eaten there, being spoiled with eating in the out of the way “catacombs” in San Francisco’s China town.


that’s the thing, isn’t it. I’ve eaten in both NYC and Toronto’s Chinatowns as well as a couple places in San Francisco. I’m still trying to find a Chinese restaurant in the neighborhood I moved to 2 and a half years ago that does everything right. One makes good fried rice, but lousy egg rolls. Another makes killer General T’sao’s Chicken, but lousy wonton soup.
And I don’t consider Nine Dragons to be the equal of the place I left behind in Kendall, that it seems many of the Orientals in Dade County go to for it’s menu.

By the way, I meant that Nine Dragons has the limited menu, not the neighborhood places.

But, to each their own.


I had been there once in 2000. We all loved it. But I understand what your saying about neighborhood places. I have the same problem here in Florida. No good Chinese places here either.


Of course you have the same problem “here in Florida” because I’m “here in Florida”. It seems that Dade County has the better Chinese restaurants, but North Broward County has an abundance of pretty good NY style pizza that most places in Dade can’t equal.


We’ve never eaten there either - and it’s only because of the reviews. I think we’ll try it when it re-opens. Actually, I do like the counterservice in China. The orange chicken with rice is very good.


Dopester, do you like to go to SF Chinatown for dim sum? Do you love those crazy little steaming carts that come rumbling past the tables and you try each thing and compare it to the last, and crack open a dumpling to see what treasure is inside, and watch the plates stack up in the middle of the table? And watch all the children enjoying the craziest looking foods?

I love that!!! :wub:


If we’re lucky, they’ll have an extensive dim sum menu when they re-open. If we’re really lucky, and the carts are authentic Chinese, and not a San Fran invention, you’ll see them in the new and (hopefully) improved.

I should stress that our meal wasn’t bad, just the menu needed some tweeks. Service would be a different issue, but as it was 12/31/06, and I gave them a lot of leeway for the amount of people they were serving.


I read that second sentence as “crazy little steaming cats” :eek: :blow:

You think the Chinese food is lacking in Florida? Stay far away from North Carolina :laugh:


How long will this be closed. Not long enough.


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


I go to North Carolina for BBQ, biscuits, and sweet tea.
And maybe fried seafood.


I have yet to try it!


Hence you are still alive to post on MB…