Nine Dragons is open


Deb’s website is reporting that Nine Dragons is open. They have the menus and a review. It looks interesting and for the poster looking for chinese food in a different thread, it looks promising.


Thanks for the heads up!!
I can’t wait to try it!


I thought it doesn’t open until November? Where is it located? I didn’t pay too much attn to the location because I thought it would be closed for our trip in just 6 days!!!My husband would love it. Maybe since it just opened I’ll luck out and get ADR.


YIPEE!! I just got reservations for Oct 8th!!!

I’m pretty sure it’s located at Epcot - in China. We liked the old one…but we are excited to see the new changes!


It is located in the World Showcase in EPCOT Center. It is a sitdown restaurant in the China Pavilion. Provided you came in from the front entrance as you get close to the lake that World Showcase surrounds it is off to the left.

The menu should appeal to your husband.


Opened for Oct. 22 arrival! OH BOY!


I heard about it the other day and immediately thought of calling to get adrs for our trip in 3 weeks - then I realized we already have adrs for the days we do Epcot :laugh:

The menu looks good and I am glad they updated the restaurant - it was looking a little worn. It is sucha popular place I guess it takes a beating everyday :happy:


I hope the food is better-received! It had a sort-of bad rep before the changes, and a lot of people mentioned the refurb a good thing. I wish they’d install a nice carryout place with little white boxes and all that.


I do hope this restaurant is improved…they were not so good before. Maybe if the reviews are good I’ll give it a try in August.


We really enjoyed the old Nine Dragons. I can’t wait to try the new one.


I’ll be really anxious to hear the first report on the new Nine Dragons. We love Chinese food but the bad reviews and the over-priced food kept us away. I hope there’s a great improvement.


Imagine the crowds and difficulty booking adr’s if word gets out that it’s really good. Suddenly everyone who has done all the other WS restaurants now would have a great new experience to check out. Imagine WDW now serving great Chinese food! It could become the new LeCellier.

Sadly, I don’t see this happening. How much could they really improve it “overnight”? Still, I’m hopeful it’s at least a little better. Couldn’t get much worse than reviews I’ve read in the past. I’m anxious to see new reviews start trickling in.


I’d love to hear reports of the food at the new Nine Dragons…

We haven’t been in about six years, but we still have fond memories of some sort of honey glazed sesame chicken that we just couldn’t get enough of… would love to know if it’s on the menu.


According to the menu on Deb’s site…

Honey Sesame Chicken

I assume this it and it is on both the lunch and dinner menus