Nine Dragons


Has anyone dined at Nine Dragons recently? I’ve heard mixed reviews in the past and am thinking of trying it out this spring. Anyone have any favorites there.


I’ve never eaten there - simply because of the reviews, too. But last trip we stopped in at the counterservice for dinner (it was raining, we were right there, and we weren’t that hungry) and you know, we had this orange chicken with rice bowl which was absolutely delicious, so I plan on trying Nine Dragons next time too. It’s always best to give things a try yourself. Everyone is different.


I’ve consistently heard that it’s like very good ordinary US Chinese restaurant cuisine – nothing especially authentic, alas*, nor unlike what one can get at a good place in one’s own hometown. As we have no Norwegian places here, we’re more likely to opt for Akershus. :slight_smile:

*Admittedly, this may be a plus for picky eaters. I have never been able to make myself try jellyfish, for example, an item on some more authentic Chinese menus.



I have avoided it as well. The prices are a bit much for chinese food, but who am I to say? You should try it for lunch. That way you aren’t paying the dinner prices and it won’t be to bad of a loss should the meal not be what you were expecting. Can’t hurt to try it right? Places do turn around and what one like someone else won’t, so who’s to say you won’t like it there?


Now heres the beauty of the dining plan…I’m willing to try places that I wouldn’t before because they were too expensive!


According to Jennifer and Dave’s Passporter, the Nine Dragons has improved a lot in recent times. They still only rate it as a 6 or 7 though


It’s been years since I’ve been, and I have heard that it’s improved a lot. My experience years ago was just so-so, but I’d be willing to give it another try for sure.


We have tried many places we would not have tried if we were paying out of pocket, the dining plan has allowed us to try so many new things. Back to Nine Dragons, I have never tried it but my boss has to go there every trip. They love it. :mickey:


I look at it this way…

I can have Chinese & Mexican food anytime I want. Disney may have an extra spin on it (though reviews say otherwise), but there is too many other places to eat that I can’t find around me.


We have take-out Chinese food at least every week at home, so I have never tried this restaurant.


We eat Chinese food all the time! We’ve got a fabulous restaurant here at home that is really good on prices and great on food, so when I see the very so-so reviews and then the expensive price tags for Nine Dragons, I tend to avoid it.
I agree with llama…the food at the counter service is good and much better priced if you have to have Chinese, but in my personal opinion, I would rather spend my time and money on food that I can’t get in my area, like Morocco’s cuisine.


I will say that the San Angel Inn is the best Mexican food we’ve ever had…

I should point out that U.S. Chinese Restaurant Food is its own cuisine and bears almost no resemblance to real Chinese food. I think you get a bit closer with things like Dim Sum, but it’s actually its own cuisine entirely and this is the cuisine at the pavilion at Epcot. In some places – if one’s city has a large Chinese population – you can find more authentic things, but I wasn’t making it up when I mentioned jellyfish. It can be really interesting or … less to one’s taste. And when I visited England in 1994, the Chinese restaurant cuisine was (I suspect) no more what one would find in China, but very different than the US version (for one thing, in the UK people are much more used to very spicy curries and the like).

I don’t know if the stuff in, say, Norway is more or less like the real thing but there are no Norwegian restaurants here in Washington DC, alas. And while we do have Italian places, the Alfredo’s is run by the folks who run the Alfredo’s in Italy, who invented Fettucine Alfredo (!!) so we have to go there this time. :slight_smile:



Speaking of Dim Sum, I noticed in the Passporter that Nine Dragons is doing Dim Sum at lunch. I’ve always wanted to do this. Has anyone tried this at Nine Dragons?



(And we can get Moroccan-style food here as well. Wish we had a German place though!)


An example of the kind of thing I mean is this review of a local place which mentions

11 different bean curd dishes, 25 shrimp, 10 conch - everything from eel casserole to shredded fresh-dried squid to lotus root … No creature of land, sea or air is safe from Mark’s chefs. They ply customers with pigeon, quail, cuttlefish, jellyfish, fish head and sea cucumber. … Mark’s specializes in pig intestine, stuffed cold pig knuckle, pig kidney, pig tongue, pig stomach and pig ear…

This may explain why Nine Dragons does not serve more truly authentic Chinese cuisine; not enough people would order it, I think. (Technically, most other cultures do much more with organ meats and such than we do in the US, but I still can’t stomach tripe. … as it were.)

didn’t even mention the whole braised frogs


See, uh, tripe is actually, well…

I have a gut feeling no one gets my jokes! :crying:


I get it David, I just didn’t see it.

Yes tripe is one nasty delicacy, IMHO.


I tried Nine Dragons when Epcot first opened and it was “too authentic” for my tastes and many others because it had become more americanized now I actually love chinese food ,Thai food and now starting to like Japanese so if you enjoy chinese I recomenned Nine Dragons . I dont know if they still have it but for Lunch when I have gone they had a family meal that had soup appetisers main courses and dessert and We have enjoyed it


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Hey - I get them.

Remember, I was the only one to get “Hermitage”. :angel: