Nine Dragons


On our last trip, DW and I saved a couple of our sit-downs to try to make ADRs once we were at Disney since Le Cellier was fully booked. We thought that there might be a slight chance that if we checked the day of we would get in. Well, as it turns out we did not and had to decide what to do next. The lady on the line said that Nine Dragons had an opening at the time we were looking for so we took it.

We had done some research on that restaurant and know that it had somewhat mixed reviews. That is why I wanted to write a review as well because that place was amazing! We shared out meals and both of them were great. We ordered the honey chicken and a dish with steak and shrimp and liked them both. Then for our dessert we ordered the cheese cake egg roll thing and it too was great.

All of this rambling to say that we decided to give it a try and now it is on our list to hit again. If you are needing to select a restaurant at EPCOT Nine Dragons is recommended. Our server, Yung, was great also!


Glad you had a terrific meal. Our kids ate there last year together and had to walk out with food uneaten (the fried rice got the worst reviews – apparently it had huge hunks of ham in it and tasted really oily) – we ended up paying for two meals that night because they left their Nine Dragon food uneaten and headed out for CS food elsewhere.

But I will remember the dishes you liked in case we ever are eating there!


Supposedly they overhauled the menu at the same time they refurbed and freshened the restaurant itself.
My own meal there wasn’t so great, so I’m leery of returning pending more positive reviews.
that said, I too truly hated the fried rice.