Nine Dragons...your thoughts?


We are lucky to have decent Chinese food here in the Boston area, so we
do know whats good and what is not. Have any of you fine folks eaten at
this restaurant? The good, the bad, the ugly, thank you kindly.


Franco -
I have not read to many positive reviews on that restaurant. I have heard the food is average at best and it’s seriously overpriced. I would skip.


Yuck!!! I was there for lunch and did not like it. I had stirfry shrimp and veggies. It reminded me of fast food chinese found in a mall foodcourt. I was expecting more for the price.


I can only go by what I’ve read - very pedestrian food at ridiculously high prices. The Lotus Blossom Cafe, on the other hand, is pretty good. The portions are generous and I really enjoyed the Orange Chicken and Rice.


We had lunch there one afternoon, and really enjoyed it. There was hardly anyone there. It counts as a sit down meal, but we thought it made for a nice lite lunch, and we’re pretty picky about our Chinese food.

One drawback, not much on the menu for children. My kid wanted french fries…no french fries…



Better food to be had all over Epcot. Better Chinese to be had all over Boston.


Better food to be had all over BOSTON!! MMMMMM- (and to top off the night with a tiramisu and hot espresso…


We must concur with everyone saying it’s OK but not worth the price. We felt it was good, but ordinary, and can easily get as good or much better Chinese locally.



It was average to us at best. Seems like the best thing we ordered was the shrimp fried rice but we definitely will skip it the next trip.


It’s okay,but not worth the price.


We just ate lunch there last week and have concurred that we will not eat there again. It was at best just average. We had the dining plan and will make better use of a table service meal the next time.


I had dinner there last night! I thought it was ok, but my stomach didn’t think so:frown: . Both DSs and DH liked the food too. It is a bit pricey, but at least we didn’t have to wait and service was good.


I think you may have had the same thing to eat as my DH did, Barbaba. He didn’t feel so good that afternoon after eating at Nine Dragons. I thought the Won Ton Soup was very salty, too. True, there was no waiting to be seated, and the service was fast, but we’ll pass on Chinese the next time.


I’m going to agree here with the majority, the food was okay but there’s if you have a chinese restaurant in your neighborhood, skip this place and go elsewhere. It’s overpriced for what it is. I got a kick out of the fact that the fortune cookies are the exact same ones we get from the 3 restaurants in our area.


I feel like it is so easy to get good takeout here that we have never bothered to try this restaurant… And anyway, it would be really hard to be that close to Germany Pavilion, hungry, and NOT go to Biergarten! We love Biergarten. I can taste those pretzel dinner rolls right now!!!


I’m gonna agree with the majority here. I wasn’t at all impressed with the food here. Overpriced and not even as tasty as some of the steamtable places I’ve been too. Of course it pales in comparisson even worse to my fav. Chinese rest. here. I imagine it would fare the same against your fav. there in Boston.


I have been told the food isn’t really great. You may want to try the Teppanyaki in Japan just across from the Nine Dragons. We have dined there several times and have never been disapointed. The food and service is really good and the price wasn’t too expensive when we were last there. A friend just returned from WDW and he said the prices have really gone up.


I haven’t eaten at Nine Dragons, but it is expensive and I’ve heard that the food isn’t really all that great. However, I have been to the Lotus Blossom Cafe, and they have really good veggie LoMein! :happy: Their other dishes (especially the twice-cooked beef rice bowl and the orange chicken rice bowl) are yummy, too, and the food’s not expensive.


I have pretty good Chinese food here in New York and when I ate chinese in Epcot, I was VERY disappointed. I mean, it was OK…but I expected SO MUCH MORE from the China pavillion, ya know??:huh: