Nine Dragons...your thoughts?


We are lucky to have decent Chinese food here in the Boston area, so we
do know whats good and what is not. Have any of you fine folks eaten at
this restaurant? The good, the bad, the ugly, thank you kindly.


Ciao Franco. Nine Dragons is like any upscale Chinese restaurant you’ll find up here in the Northeast. The only difference is the price. You’ll find it’s very expensive compared to equivalent food you’ll find up there where you live. The ambience is nice, and it might be worth a try, just to say you’ve eaten there, but for the most part, you’ll find the food is pretty much standard Chinese-American fare.


Where is Nine Dragons? We have tried the food in Epcot if that is it and it was not that great- our local hole in the wall is so much better and less commercial tasting-I too am in the Northeast (what is it with our chinese food here? Nobody makes it as good…)


Nine Dragons is the sitdown at China at Epcot.

You could always try Lotus Blossom Cafe, which is the CS at China if you want Chinese food at Epcot, but don’t want to spend as much.


we have done both but neither were really good- I liked the takeout of Japan so much more… But again Im really spoiled because we have really great chinese food here (compares greatly to chinatown in SF) in our little fast food joint