Nine Old Men Documentary - Cinderella Bonus Features


There is a great documentary on Walt’s “Nine Old Men” on disc two of the new Cinderella DVD. I thought it was excellent. It features some present day Disney animators talking about the original Nine Old Men and their work.

Did anyone else think this was as awesome as I did?


I honestly have never heard of it. thanks for the review though…I may have to make a point to buy it and watch it. :heart:


oh i loved it!!! i love the oldfashioned disney stuff and this was great!!! It is one of the best parts on the DVD


ooooh it’s on my Christmas List! I hope santa brings me that DVD
My mom’s family was actually friends with a number of animators that worked on Snow White, and the features to follow, I’ll have to ask her the names…wouldn’t that be awesome if they were part of the nine old men crew…