Nintendo DS


I seem to remember reading about a program a few months ago where they were usig Nintendo DS as an interactive park map. I was wondering if they were still doing this, and how it worked. I also would like to know a cost(if any), and if you could use yor own unit. Any input would be appreciated.


I haven’t heard a thing about it since the testing. I know my son would love it but honestly he uses it enough at home he doesn’t need to be glued to it at WDW too. If this was offered we would try it once but I don’t think we would do it daily.


The only DS thing I heard was if you have Pirates of the Carribean you could dl new stuff.


As far as I know, it is still in the testing stages. Here is a link to the site.
Walt Disney World Park Update (Walt Disney World Park Update) by Mark Goldhaber

It is my understanding that it does not work with any ol’ DS system. Guests would be “renting” the system with a $300+ deposit :ohmy:


Oh, man, if you could use your own DS my son would be all over that. I’m with you, DT, he uses it enough at home. Let’s not glue it to his nose on vacation too!:laugh: