My DGF and I are driving from NJ (near NYC) to WDW. We will leave around 2/3AM to beat any DC traffic. We are going to stop for the night because we are doing the Halloween party the day we come in to WDW (9/21) and want to be well rested. SOOO… We’ll hussel the first day driving and drive down, stopping in Richmond Hill, GA (around 15/16 hours of driving). I figure every 300 miles (around 4/5 hours) we’ll stop, gas, rest, food, and maybe after 150 miles for a small break. The next day should be ~ 4/5 hours to WDW (if we do feel up to it we’ll drive the rest of the way to Orlando and then stop outside Disney for the night?).

I did some research and this is the plan I came up with. I know it is a long hull to our overnight place but we figure… rather only driving half way both days. We never drove to WDW but I do a lot of driving, driving straight threw from NYC to Chicago, and from NYC to Hanover, NH and back the same day; A few times. I LOVE hand held maps but just bought a Tom Tom One; I feel like I’m cheating on my Road Atlas.

Sooooooo My question is… does anyone want to share some tips for me.



We usually drive from our home in NC to WDW most of the time. We have done from here to NW Michigan(Hi Dopey!!) which is 18 hours. The best advice I can give you is take lots of snacks, lots of entertainment for kids(if you have any traveling with you), take turns driving and nap when you can. Oh, and don’t eat Raisin Bran and apple juice before you go(for obvious reasons!)
Oh, yeah, and when you hit the 95/40 junction in NC, beep at me, I am just down the road a piece!!


My tip: Continental Airlines at $148. round trip out of Newark :laugh:


I agree with Nastory4!!! LOL

We drove from Morris County NJ to FL this past January. Trip there ~ not to bad at all. The trip home ~ well lets just say I consider ourselves lucky for not leaving any children on the side of I95!!

It sounds like a good plan you have. We drove the first day to Lumberton, NC (which is just miles before the SC boarder) It took use just under 10 hours with one meal stop and one short restroom break. (we really felt we didn’t need much more than that.) The next morning we left Lumberton at 10am and were in Orlando by 4:30pm.

I think that you will be in Georgia in about 14/15 hours with just a few stops, esp. traveling at those hours. The second day should only be about 3/4 hours driving. Both trips, there and back, took us 17.5 hours, even with our stops.

We had planned to take stops like you are, but we didn’t really want to stop that much. You might find that even after 150/200 miles, you don’t need to stop.

Good luck!


I live minutes away from Richmond Hill exits, and if you are not very alert and its late, STOP. The drive from here south is very bad due to lack of anything but road and a few stop until you reach Jacksonville, FL. From there, you lull again til Daytona then the excitement on I-4 would wake the dead, but I wouldnt stretch it that far. My inlaws stay at the Econolodge at Pooler exit 102 all the time now and say its nice.


we are driving also but from Harrisburg Pa we take 81 to virginia and cut over I think it is 77 a little longer but I refuse to deal with 95 and DC. Im too old for that kind of pure fear. :heart:


The first couple years we lived in NJ we drove down to Florida several times; my family lived in West Palm, husband’s family in Fort Lauderdale and we’d also go to WDW. Driving actually never bothered us. You are smart to try and avoid DC traffic b/c that’s where we’d always have problems. Although, it seemed to happen at unpredictable times also. We’ve had problems in that area around 7-9am. Isn’t that when you’d be passing through accourding to that plan?

Anyway, JUST IN CASE you get too tired, get behind schedule, etc… you might want to pick out a hotel somewhere in South Carolina. We always stopped and stayed the night there and it was the PERFECT place to stop for us. You don’t want to wear yourself TOO thin the first day 'cause when you do arrive you don’t want to be overexhausted.


I would think that the flights would cost the same as the hotels driving down. Do you need the car when you get to disney?


plove53… we are from North Jersey, and it took me 3 1/2 hours to get to LBI yesterday. If we even THOUGHT of trying to make it all the way to Florida, my kids would kill each other before we even got them in the car.

I am only partly joking … about any actual deaths, of course… but my message is real:
Do you really want to suffer through a zillion hours in the car going down, and then the worst would be having the drive home looming over your trip, casting a cloud of anxiety and dread over your vacation?

Plus, to me, it’s time away from the parks. By the time we fly down on a 7:00 morning flight, arrive at 9:40 in the morning, get a cheap rental car and drive to the resort, we are already racing to get to a park!


… I know my last post sounded like a total downer… sorry.


But it is reality for the most part.


Look at my list below, I drive every time. I live outside of Peekskill NY (1hr north of NYC). Sometimes I take the auto train, but drive the whole thing most times. I usually drive to the 95 exit for Savanah (exit 86 or 83) or Brunswick (exit 36). Many decent cheap hotels off of these. Disney is 3.5 hrs from Brunswick, or 4.5 from Savannah) Here is a quick breakdown on mileage on 95 Delaware 17miles, Maryland 131miles, Virginia 193miles, North Carolina 181miles, S.Carolina 193miles, Georgia 96miles, Fla to Orlando 188miles.

We usually make little stops with a couple of big ones, JR in North Carolina and the Mall down about 3 exits, and of course South of the Border.

The Auto train is fun and easy. From Lorton VA (about 15min south of DC) to Sanford FL (just east of orlando). My sisiter usually drives down and takes the train back. Does NOT save any time (takes 16hrs) but your well rested when you get there!!! (Actualy leaving today to drive to the Auto train for DISNEY!!!)


My parent drove from NJ to Palm Beach Fl and they took 2 days to do it . . . MY DAD, who is the master planner, and keeps track of all expenses said this: “When I added up gas, rest stop stops (coffee, snacks, etc.) meals, and hotel I was shocked at the price!”

I know gas has come down a bit since they drove, but my Dad said with the great fares out there, he could have flown back and forth TWICE with what it cost him to drive!

You might just want to crunch the numbers and see if it works out?? :mellow:


and the price of the car rental…


Yes, but you can use ME to get you from the airport, and then the Disney Transportation is AWESOME to get you around all the parks!


Just another tip . . . and you might know this . . . there is a “loop” that goes around DC so you don’t have to go anywhere near it! Sometimes there is construction and MOST times the construction is done LATE AT NIGHT, so we’ve tried the leave late at night to miss traffic and run into down to one lane construction . . . so it’s a gamble!

I think AAA will give you a map with all the construction areas on it . . . if you are a member or know a member who can get it one for you?


Alot of patents.:whistling


Hi I’m new here… We drive from NH to WDW every 2/3 years, we tow a fifth wheel and stay at Fort Wilderness… We have flown but prefer to tow. I have3 kids 14/10/8 we have no problems, I just plan well and have many new movies and games/activities for the ride and try to do alot of nite driving while the kids are sleeping we usually have to stop 2 nites but we really enjoy the whole trip… rljarvis

Our last trip was 4/07 next will be Thanksgiving 2009


welcome to mousebuzz RLJarvis!!


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