NJMommy's January 13-20th Trip Report


Hello Everyone,
So we are back from our trip, and we had a GREAT TIME!!! I am going to be starting my trip report very soon, but I have a head cold and sore throat today, so I am not sure how much I will be doing! But, I am going to get everything in order now, and see if I can remember how to resize the pics, and then I will be back to begin the Trip Report!!! Talk to everyone soon!! :wub:


Oh,…cant wait to hear all about it


Glad your back! Will be waiting patiently…:goofybounce: :cheshire: :simba: :biggrin:


Cast of trip:

Myself - Shanyn, 31
DD - Ashleigh, 2 (will be 3 in less than a month)
DMIL- My step-mother-in-law, Shannon
DFIL- My father-in-law, Ralph
DSIL- My Sister-in-law, Samantha, 19
DH- Chris, My husband, 33 - He met us there Tuesday night, since he couldn’t take that many days off with all the work he has.

So, Sunday morning, DH drove myself and DD to the airport at 5am, got all our luggage checked, made sure we met up with his family, and then was off to go back to bed.
The plane flight went great, DD slept through most of it, and the ME was wonderful. I loved not having to get our luggage, and instead just getting on a bus and being brought to Saratoga Springs.
Once we got to Saratoga Springs, we checked in, went to drop our carryons and the stroller off at the room, and then headed over to the boat launch, since we had ADR’s at Wolfgang Pucks in Downtown Disney for lunch. On our way over on the boat, it started to drizzle and you could see the black clouds heading our way. We got off the boat, and had to run all the way to the other side of Downtown Disney. We just made it, because when we walked into Wolfgang Pucks it started POURING outside!!!

After lunch we grabbed a taxi, and had it bring myself and DMIL to the Disney Car Care Center to pick up our rental van. DFIL, DSIL, and DD went in a cab back to Saratoga Springs, since we couldn’t bring her in the van without the car seat yet, and the boats were no longer running because of the rain.
When we got back to our condo, the luggage still wasn’t there. We waited about another hour, and then called to find out where the luggage was since we couldn’t go anywhere without the carseat (which had been checked in as luggage). They told us that Orlando Airport had been shut down for about 2 hours, because of the rain, and that was what was holding up all the luggage being delivered. My DMIL explained that we had ADR’s at California Grill, and that we couldn’t go anywhere until we had the carseat. So, they said they would try to find our luggage first, and bring it up to us. We did end up getting our luggage about 45 minutes later, which was very nice of them. :happy:

We got to our ADR at California Grill about half an hour late, but told them what happened, and they said they were glad we were honest and it isn’t a problem, we can still be seated! While we were eating the fireworks at MK started, and we had such a great view, and I love how they turn down the lights, and play the music. Here is myself and DD watching the fireworks:


Hooray I am so excited to read the rest of this report! :happy: Welcome back btw, I’m glad you had a wonderful trip!


Once we were done watching the show and eating, we decided to head over to MK, since it was EMH!

We got onto the teacups, Dumbo, Snow White, The Carousel, Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh, and Mickey’s Philarmagic. DD got to meet and get autographs from:
Chip & Dale:

Donald Duck:

and Goofy:

(We had to buy DD a change of clothes, because she had a little accident waiting on line :ohmy: )


Then at 11:00 the park was closing, so we headed back to the Contemporary to get the van, and headed “home” to go to bed.
On Day 2 (Monday), we were headed to AK, since we had 8:30am ADR’s at Tusker House. As soon as we walked into the park, we headed over to get fastpasses for the Safari, since DD loves to see the animals. Then we went to breakfast at Tusker House, which was sooooo good!!! DD got to meet and get autographs from the characters, and the food was very good!!!
Here is all of us:

Once we left breakfast, we told DD we were going on the safari to see the animals, she was very excited:

DD’s favorites are the elephants:


There weren’t alot of animals out on the safari, I have definetly seen more before, but it was still good. Once we got off the safari, we headed to Camp Minnie and Mickey, because DD really wanted to meet Minnie Mouse.

and ofcourse give Mickey a kiss on the nose

From there we went to see Nemo the Musical, which was fantastic!! We really enjoyed it!!
and then headed to Dinoland for some rides, and the last thing we did was go to see “It’s Tough to be a bug”. DD fell asleep while we were waiting to go into “It’s Tough to be a bug”, and slept on my shoulder through the whole show.
Before, I go on I wanted to mention that there were NO Lines at all for anything the whole week we were there! It was wonderful, every park and every ride, we just walked up to the ride and got on. It was wonderful, and we have decided that we are definetly going back again next year the same week!

So, back to the trip report…when we left AK we headed to Epcot, and had lunch at the Electric Umbrella. Then we went on Living Seas with Nemo and Friends, and Turtle Talk with Crush. I loved the Crush show, it was very cute!
Next we went on Living with the land and Figment.
Once we were done with those rides we decided to walk the world showcase a little and we ran into Princess Aurora, which made DD happy! And, then ran into Belle and the Beast next, which made DD VERY HAPPY!!! She loves Belle!

Then we decided it was about 40 minutes before our reservation time at TuttoItalia, and we were already hungry. So, we stopped there to see if they could take us sooner, and were told that they had alot of walk ins, and that we wouldn’t even be seated at our reservation time, that we would probably be seated atleast 35-40 minutes after our reservation time. My DMIL, who used to work for a restaurant in a country club, tried to find out why they were taking walk ins before people who had reservations and they said that it was one list, and that was how it was run. So, she asked why they take reservations then, and was told that they try to keep the reservation times, but can’t all the time. So, at the point, we decided to leave, and go back to Saratoga Springs and see if we could eat at the “Turf Club”. We got there and they said it would be about a 30 minute wait, so we waited and were seated in 10 minutes. I have to say that the dinner there was excellent! We really enjoyed it, and were happy that we decided to try it!


Okay, I am going to relax for a little while. I will be back later or tomorrow to finish some more of the Trip Report! :wub:


Great Start!! Am Loving the TR!!!


Keep it coming mom. It looks cold there?


Great trip report. Get some rest.

The pic with your DD runnning up to minnie was very cute.


Okay, I’m back. I’m not sure how far I will get, since my cold has gotten worse, but I will do as much as I can today. So, onto Tuesday (Day 3):

On Tuesday we had ADR’s for “Akershus Royal Banquet” for the Princess Storybook Breakfast.

When we first walked in, you go to meet Belle and take pictures with her before you are seated. Well, DD loved this. She was so happy when she saw Belle waiting there!

We also met Aurora, Mary Poppins, Snow White, and Mulan at this breakfast. The food was pretty good, but I wasn’t impressed.

Once we were done with breakfast, we took the boat over to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. We walked into the park, and got a map and show times, and decided to head towards Muppet Vision. While we were walking, and looking at the map, a gentleman asked if we needed a times schedule, I said “No thank you, we have one”, he then said “Are you looking for anything particular”. So, I said, “Actually, yes, we are looking for Muppet Vision”. So, he said he would take us to it. So, while we are all walking over, he is making jokes and talking to DMIL and DSIL the whole time, blah blah blah…and DFIL and I are in the back saying…He’s bringing us to the ride, and then going to give us a dream. We know it we know it!!! Well, we got to the ride, and thanked him for showing us the way, etc. and he left! We all were laughing after he left, because we were all wrong!!! :wub:

After Muppet Vision, we went over to meet Lightning McQueen and TowMater.


After meeting the “Cars”, we headed into the Studio backlot tour, and then to Honey, I shrunk the kids movie set. DD loved this park.
She was hugging the play-doh, going down the slides, etc… but she didn’t like the big dog nose that shoots air out at you.

We left the Honey, I shrunk the kids movie set, and were heading down the street, when DD started chasing her shadow, and jumping around watching it. So, DFIL thought it would be funny to stand behind her and have her “lose” her shadow. So, DD, started saying…“Hey, where’d my shadow go” and he would jump out of the way and she would yell “THERE IT IS”.

Well, this went on for a few minutes, because DD was having so much fun with it. Then we decided to keep walking, and go get a snack. As we started walking a CM walked over to us, and started yellling, “Princess…Princess…I have something for you”. So, DD stopped and we all turned around, and he said to her "The princesses wanted me to give you something, and handed her a big round pin with the princesses on it, and it said FairyTale Fantasy on it. She was so happy with her pin, she didn’t stop staring at it all day!


We then headed over to get some pretzels and ice cream. After that we went on the Voyage of the Little Mermaid, watched the parade, and then took the boat back to Epcot for our ADR’s for LeCellier Steakhouse. I thought LeCellier was good, but I didn’t think it was the best meal we had the whole time we were there, so I don’t understand why it is so hard to get into. When we were done eating, we headed back to “home”, because my cousin, his wife, and their brand new baby were coming over to visit with us (since they live in Orlando). DD loved seeing her baby cousin Ava, and she liked singing songs to her.

Around 11:30pm, DH showed up at “Saratoga Springs” and DD was very happy he was finally there! That is when my cousins left, and we all got to bed to get ready for the following day.

Wednesday (Day 4) we had ADR’s for 1900 Park Fare for breakfast.
My DH, DD, and myself (DFIL has the video camera), waiting to be seated:

We met alot of characters at this breakfast…Alice in Wonderland, the MadHatter, Pooh, Tigger, Mary Poppins, etc… and the buffet was very good!
After breakfast, we were waiting for our van from valet, when DD spotted the carraige outside. So, she wanted to go in, and told DH to go with her.
Here she is kissing her Prince Daddy:

We drove over to Epcot, DD spotted some Minnie sunglasses when we walked in:

and then we headed over to get fastpasses for Soarin’, and then got on line for it also, since the wait said it was 15 minutes.
Then we went on Living with the Land, and then went back to use our Soarin’ fastpasses.


After those rides, it was time for our lunch ADR’s at “Coral Reef” which I was very excited about, since I had some surprises for DMIL and DFIL. I had called ahead, about a month or so earlier, and booked a diver sign, and got the personalized menu done. I was so excited to see what they thought. The waitress sat us, and then handed out the personalized menus, which DFIL opened first, and then DMIL noticed his.

The menus came out perfect, I was so happy with them:

Then we ordered our appetizers, and were talking and waiting and DFIL says, “Look, there are scuba divers in there also”, so I looked and the scuba diver was heading towards us with something white rolled up in his hands. So, I got very excited. He came right to us, pointed at us, and then put the sign up on the glass. DMIL and DFIL thought this was great also! They couldn’t believe I had gotten all this done for them!

I have to say, I was a little nervous, because I had heard on here stories of the diver not showing up,etc… but it worked out perfect for us!

After lunch, we went on Living Seas with Nemo & Friends, Turtle Talk with Crush, and then myself, DH, and DSIL went on the single person line for Test Track. I liked this ride. From there we went shopping, and headed to walk around some countries.

We met Snow White and Dopey in Germany (I think that is where we were), and then we also saw that Princess Aurora was out in France, so we got on line. We waited on line for about 10 minutes, and we were next in line, when Aurora started walking away and was telling DD she had to leave, because she had a tea date she was late for. DD was okay with it, she just waved goodbye, so I didn’t make a big deal about it. If she had been upset, I probably would have said something. But, as we were walking away, the woman behind us on line said “wait, the CM cut off the line behind all of us, and said that we would be able to still meet Aurora”. So, the CM came over and said “yes, that is true” and told Aurora she wasn’t supposed to leave yet, and then called us back over to meet her. So, DD was happy she got to get her autograph, and talk with her again.
At that point, we still had about an hour until our ADR at Chefs de France, so DH went over to see if they could take us sooner, and they said give us a couple of minutes and we will see what we can do. Well, we were seated 10 minutes later.
After dinner, (about 7:30ish) we walked over near Canada, and got a seat on a bench to watch Illuminations, thinking it started at 8:00. Well, then we found out it didn’t start until 9:00, but decided to just sit and wait, since we were relaxed anyway. DD fell asleep before the show started and slept thru. So, when we got “home” I just put her in bed.


Okay, well it is time for me to go rest now, I will continue the trip report with Thursday- Sunday when I get back. This includes the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique on Thursday. :wub:


So, Thursday we had 8:20am reservations at Crystal Palace. Like always, it was a very good breakfast. Ofcourse the usual characters…Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, Tigger. DD Loved it (again)!!!
After breakfast we decided to head to Haunted Mansion and then Pirates of the Caribbean. After we got off of the Pirates ride, DD had to “go potty”, so I took her around the corner to go to the one next to the ride. As we turned the corner, DD started yelling “Mommy…Peter Pan and Wendy, Peter Pan and Wendy!!!” as I looked up I saw them sitting on a windowsill. DD ran over to them, and they came down off the sill and started talking to her. Noone was around, and DD had them all to herself.

After DD was done talking to them, we left and went to take her to the bathroom. While we were in there, she said “I didn’t ask them where Tinkerbell was”, so I told her that maybe she could ask them when we got out of the bathroom. On our way out, she looked for Peter Pan and Wendy, but they were gone. She asked me where they were, and I said I don’t know. She said to me, “They came to meet me and then they left!!!” She was so excited, she really believed that they only came to meet her. It was so sweet!

We then went on the Jungle Cruise. We had a CM that was doing her first boat ride with people on it. Ofcourse they didn’t tell us that until right before it was over, but she did a very good job! Then we had to head over to the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique for DD’s appointment. Ofcourse DD wanted to dress up as Belle. They took us to the back, and told DD to say the 3 magic words. Once she said “Bibbity Bobbity Boo” the curtain opened and her Belle outfit and accessories were waiting for her, she was very excited!

DMIL wanted her to have the full package, so she got her hair done, her nails, makeup, etc…


Your report is so great, and what a little angel you have!! So beautiful too!

I am just curious about the brekfast at tusker… did you by any chance notice if theyhave fresh cinnamon rolls back on the menu?


After DD got her princess treatment, we went to have lunch at “Cinderella’s Royal Table”. DD loves this lunch! She loves meeting Cinderella, and all the princesses!

When Belle saw DD at lunch, she said “I was wondering where my yellow dress was, it was missing from my closet this morning…”, and then said, “It looks beautiful on you, you can keep it”. Well, DD was so excited!!!

Here is just a picture of DD in front of the castle:

We then headed over to the Kodak Gallery shop to have DD’s pictures taken (it was part of the package from Bibbity Bobbity Boutique). The pictures came out adorable!!!

After lunch we headed over to Storytime with Belle. 5 minutes into the show, it was rained out. So, we put on our ponchos and walked to Fronteirland, because DFIL wanted a hot dog.
Then we went on the Carousel, Dumbo, It’s a Small World, Winnie the Pooh (Twice), and then left for our dinner at Yachtsman Steakhouse!
I have to say that dinner was soooooo YUMMY!!!