No ADR on first night?


My husband and I are driving down to WDW and the rest of our party is flying they should be at OKW around 6 PM and I’m not sure what time we will make it. My husband hates to fly GGGRRR! I don’t want to stress about being at a restaurant at a certain time and I’m sure everyone will be hungry as soon as we get settled in to the resort. This will be Sat., Oct. 1st. Do you think we can get into Olivia’s without too much of a wait? If not do you have another suggestion please?
Sorry for the long explanation for a short question! :blush:


We’ve been to Olivia’s more times than I can count - and I don’t think we’ve ever had a ressie. I’m sure you’ll be able to get a table easily. Might have a few minutes wait at prime time - say - between 6 and 8 - but I wouldn’t worry about it. One of you could always walk over and make a reservation while the other is checking in.


Thanks llama!


I’ve never been to Olivia’s so I can’t speak for how easily you could get in there. Maybe you could wait until you know you’re within a few hours of The World and then call and make an ADR? Or just try a walk in. If you have a wait, then you relax and enjoy a cocktail or something. Otherwise, you could order room service or just sit down with some counter service by the pool or something. GL!


I would just stop any where once at WDW and not make an ADR. Who wants to start their vacation off rushing?


I agree with everyone else, just play it by ear and either walk up or call when you have a better idea of when everyone will be ready. A back up plan could be to go to Downtown Disney and eat at Earl of Sandwich.


I think you should be fine with a walk up or few hours notice as it is one of the first nights of the food and wine festival and everyone will be in Epcot!!:laugh:


Thanks everyone!


I don’t think you’ll have a problem getting into Olivia’s, but if you do, you can always try the Turf Club at Saratoga Springs. Any time we’ve stayed there and didn’t have ADR’s they’ve always fit us in. Even when there was 6 of us.