No available room points


but they have a room for cash available?

I guess I am confused. If there is an actual room available, why would we not be able to book it for our points but we can book it if we wish to pay cash?

Our flight was changed and rather than loose the whole day we wanted to extend one more night, SSR does not have another night available for us to extend on our points, but they will allow us to stay if we pay cash? I guess I just don’t get it! Can someone explain?


You can’t book it on points because those points were traded out and now the room is a cash room. It keeps the balance.


Yep, a member traded points for another WSW resort or some other vacation such are cruise or II exchange. So THOSE points are available as a cash rental.

I believe that once you exchange points they go into the CRO system for rental to the general puiblic or DVC members at discount.


I received a confirmation today that the wait list I requested for the one extra night in a one bedroon came through on points, so I don’t have to get a cash room! Yeah!!!


Well that’s GREAT news!!!


Great news!

We waitlisted a studio at BCV and it came through a week later. I know it doesn’t always happen but we’ve had good,luck with waitlisting.


Glad to hear it! When is the trip?


We leave Nov 29th! A nice 10 day trip, we are so excited! We always said we wanted to go for 10 days! In-laws (DMIL, DFIL, DBIL & DSIL) are coming for 6 nights (we get along great, so this is a good thing!) and we have the remaining 4 together alone as a family. Best of both worlds!

Now I just need a little pixie dust to have the waitlist for a studio come through! We currently have a one bedroom, but I don’t need that big of a room and would prefer not to use all of the points!


The way this was explained to us (and it has happened twice already in three years) is that there are so many rooms that are for DVC and so many that are rented to make up for the costs etc, when all the DVc rooms are rented for a certain day you may still be able to rent but will have to pay cash. The other option that you have is getting a room elsewhere (a different reosrt) this may sound like a pain but they will help you get your bags to the new resort on check in day.