No Blue Bayou for June! :(


So I called to make my ADR’s for June today. The good news is I got all of the days and times I wanted. The bad news is, Blue Bayou and Cafe Orleans will not be back open until July 1st.

The CM I talked to said they just got an email saying it will be the first week of July and they may not even take ADR’s for that week! They may just do walk-ups the entire first week of the two restaurants re-opening. :sad:

Just thought I would share!


I am bummed to.

It appears that the mean ol’ Court is now filing hearing dates for July. I have to be in Court on the 7th of July, which means I CAN’T GO TO THE PREMIERE of Pirates of the Caribbean II!!! :angry:


Thats really too bad! It’s always part of our tradition to go to the Blue Bayou. Bummer. But that will make it so much better on your next visit!


OK, I am just going to pretend that I never read this and go on with my day in the happy mood I WAS in. :nonono2:


So this may possibly be good news. After talking to the CM today, I got kind of sad, so I started searching various forums to see if I could find other info. What I read is that the last week of June, BB may possibly be open, but there will be no ADR’s.

So Wish, you and I will just have to rush over to BB right upon park opening and get our names in! Hopefully the rumor is true and we can eat at BB after all! :happy:


Let’s HOPE!! :happy: Thanks for the info Joy!


Oh poor Wish! And poor everyone else who is going to miss BB!!! :crying:

I am flabergasted that DL is going to actually creep into the summer slam of park visitors to finally get the BB and POTC back online!!! :pinch: :blink: :wacko:

Part of me still hopes and thinks that these dates may just be a worst case scenario. Basically a tell 'em it is gonna be bad, but when it isn’t so bad people aren’t as miffed (and may actually be cool with it)… I hope! I hope! I hope! :wink:


Thanks Goof! I hate to sound dramatic but I will be mildly devastated if the ride isn’t opened at least! It’s really my favorite attraction at DL and i hardly EVER get to go, not to mention this is my Dad’s first visit there! PoC is like a DL MUST, of course!

I was thinking the same thing about this new “opening date,” that maybe they are just pushing it back as a “worst case scenario.” Well, we’ll see, only time will tell.

I am hoping for the best.


Yeah, I feel your pain… When my father and I made our quickie DL trip in early March it was a bummer to not be able to drag him on to POTC and have lunch at the BB… :sad: But even knowing that I could not do those things I still went! :happy: It was worth it! :wink: