No Christmas tree in 2008


I heard that they are not going to put up a Christmas tree in DLRP this year because of political correctness. I can’t believe that they would do this. Anyone else heard this?


ohh the French! :laugh:

I’m kidding…I :heart: the French

But I had not heard this…and I hope someone knows the answer…good to see yah Towncar!!


Moi, j’aime vraiment les Francais! But they do some mad things sometimes. I wouldn’t put this past them as they have a clear division between state and religion. It is only a rumour, but I won’t be happy until I see the tree in all its glory. I suppose I will make up for it when I see the tree at the Rockefeller Centre next week and celebrate my first Thanksgiving ever in New York City!


This has upset me so much if its true!
I’m due to arrive in DLRP on Mon 26 Nov to get my fix of Disney Christmas magic. i have no religious hang ups its each to there own but i do believe in CHRISTMAS and SANTA.

if there is not a Christmas tree in Disney Paris this should be the policy across all Disney (including USA) and how sad would that be.

if people don’t like Christmas they should stay away. just like they do from other religious things #blah Blah Bla…

I’m so mad!!!:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

I hope to see Xmas trees ,Santa, angels, elf’s, reindeer, when I’m there for the week as I’m going for Christmas to celebrate this joyful season…


Like I said, it’s just something I heard. I am waiting for someone to tell me it’s not true. Maybe you’ll be that person, Jimbo. I hope so. Have a good trip. The park is lovely at that time of year, and pretty quiet Mon-Fri. Usually very cold though, but being from Scarborough you’ll be used to that:laugh:


It was so cold out this morning, that I was
shaking like a French solider!:laugh:
Good to see you Towncar:happy:


Nice one towncar :snowman: I’m hopping Paris is not as cold as Scarborough… how do you know how cold Scarborough is?:cool:

I know it’s just something I heard. but like they say theres no smoke without fire.

I’ll let you all know about the tree and all when i get back from DLRP


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Probably something to do with all those family holidays in Skeggy and many a day’s golfing on the Lincolnshire/Yorkshire coast.:cool:


Likewise. Franco. Can’t say I understand the joke though. Must be an American thing.:confused: :confused:


I’m American and I don’t get it either… is it particularly cold there? :huh:


Excuse me, poor humor,poor timing
Enjoy your American Thanksgiving


Wee Wee! To political Correctness.:laugh:


Looking at the official site, I don’t get any sense of a lack of Christmas at DLP this year, indeed they seem to be going all-out for it… :confused:


today I’m so HAPPY just been on and seen a link to Photos Magiques - Disneyland Resort Paris pictures with lots of photos of Christmas trees in Disneyland Paris :tinytree: :tinytree: :tinytree: :tinytree:

Christmas is Disney :wub: :heart:

ill keep you up to date about Christmas at Disney Paris


LMBO!!! Your too much!!:laugh:


Mon Dieu!

That is taking political correctness TOO far. Actually, I’m sick to death of political correctness. Time the world started to lighten up.:glare:


If Mark Twain were still alive, he would no doubt quip that the reports of the demise of the DLRP Christmas Tree were greatly exaggerated. It seems that the tree is there after all. Thank goodness for that! As for French soldiers, I suggest you read up on a guy called the Marquis De Lafayette. He was a French soldier.:smile:

I’m glad the rumour proved false!


I guess I am happy for the Christmas tree
being up for all you folks over there enjoy
it:tinytree: As for the rest of this story I
excused myself once:blush: I pretty much
did so for you TowncarT:redface: But that
will be the last time I do so. I thank you for
your opinion on what should be on my reading
list, but I will pass. I am sure that the English,
French or just about any of the other folks in
that part of the world have a grude joke or
two about us Americans. Enjoy your Holidays.


AMEN!!! :whistling