No Credit Card-Help!


HI there

We are coming over in January 2005 for two weeks for our first trip to Florida and we do not have a credit card.

Now…we have booked our car hire with Alamo and they need a credit card to secure the booking but I am not happy to apply for a credit card for just this reason.

Can anyone advise me if there are any rental firms that do not require card deposits as security as I do not feel we should be punished just because we dont like borrowing money! A few years ago it was a disgarace to be seen borrowing money…now it is all the rage! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks guys x


All of the rental car companies in the US require a credit card for deposit. There are a couple of smaller companies around that accept cash, but none in Florida at all. In fact. most of the companies now require a credit card, and do not accept debit cards.

Have you considered a town car company? If you are staying at Disney most or all of the time, that way might be less expenisve, and you can pay in cash when you arrive.


Have you tried your local bank or AAA office? Get a Visa gift card. You determine how much goes on it. Then you can use it to pay for the car and don’t have to worry about having the cash on hand and they are limited to what they can charge you.


Welcome to the 21st Century!

Credit cards are a way of life now, and particularly so in the USA. Much safer than carrying around wads of cash and traveller’s cheques. Just bite the bullet and get one! You could always cancel it when you get home - but I bet you don’t!!

My wife’s was stolen about three months ago. But I haven’t reported it to the Police. The robber spends less than she did!!! :laugh: :laugh:


That is a good idea. I know American Express has one too. Cost you like $15, but you can reload it when you want. You can order it online as well straight from Amex.

Before you do that though, I would contact the rental car company you are thinking about, and ask them if they will accept that. The reason they want a credit card is to make sure they have enough of your money incase you totally destroy the car. Hence, why they don’t like taking debit cards.


What about getting a debit card from your bank. It will be hooked to your checking account and they have a mastercard/visa symbol on the front. Most rental car places WILL NOT take a debit card, but Alamo does…we just did at work last week. They are the only one I could find that would take a debit card.


Are you planning to see other places in Orlando or just WDW? If it’s just WDW, then skip the car rental and get a towncar. You can get a towncar without a credit card and use the WDW trasportation once you are there. I’m afraid almost every car rental place I have ever heard of expects a Credit card. On the lighter side, apply for a disney visa (if you can’t avoid getting a card) and then you will have extra funds in case of an emergency. You can always cancel it when you return home right? :mickey:


I was also going to recomend the Visa pay as you go program. I know they have a program geared towards teens called Visa Buxx. You just put as much in as you want, and it is not considered a credit card, but is used like one. Also American Express has the new card, but is actually travlers checks.


Thanks guys for the help.

We are actually staying on I Drive and are wondering whether we should just skip the car hire after all? Any advice greatful!

We have got a courtesy bus from out hotel to all parks and can get cabs/towncars back and after enquiring it is only £140 round trip to Sanford aiport in a town car. The fully inclusive car insurance for us is £400 which is $720 dollars alone! We pay that before we travel here in England but it seems extremelt expensive.

Again…any advice greatfully recevied!!!


140 quid seems a lot for your roundtrip. Did you mean dollars? There is a company called Quicksilver that was a site sponsor on here, but I don’t see their name on the list of sponsors anymore. Most DC members spoke highly of them and I think they just may be cheaper. There are a number of threads on this topic. I’m sure someone will be able to direct you to one or other (my way of saying I don’t know how to do it!) You should be able to find the Quicksilver website fairly easily I think.

Mickey, are Quicksilver no longer a site sponsor? :confused: