No ding yet?


Is my ding a ling broken again? or is there really no ding released yet today?


I have not gotten one today either!!! BUT check regular southwest because our flights would have been pretty cheap yesterday!!

I usually NEVER check after I get flights because I do not want to find a better deal:crying: AND yesterday I broke my own rule and checked and IF I would have waited we could’ve flown SW for $160 less so $32 less per person, $16 less per person each way!!! OK I know it is not that much but every penny counts!!! So I was a little sad:crying: But I love flying frontier so I guessssss that is the trade off!!!:glare:

So anyway try that!!!:happy:


I have already checked the daily regular fare- they are down from a few weeks ago but they are also still quite high! $126 one way-


I figured you probably already checked, sorry they are still so high-- Ours are at about $99-&109 each way!!! Keep watching!!!


I have some $74 options but they are coming home at 7am and that means leaving the resort at 5am to get there on time- that would be too hard to do with the four kids- my other option is the $126


I havent rec a ding yet today either… I have the same options… Im going to leave Philly at 9:05 get there around 12 ish for $74 and then I think Im going to book the $99 coming home but I need to leave the resort at 6 am ish… Its better than paying $128 for 2 hours later… I figure whats 2 hours…


Im even tempted to get one room at the airport, fudge the amount staying in it and fly out early on Sat just to save the $$ but it would not save me much if I did that and still cause a lot of stress… Ed is pushing the no stress rule hardcore this trip!


Isn’t that what going to Disney is all about? Leave the stress behind… come on Woohoo, you can do it… breathe in… breathe out… and repeat…:biggrin:


sure- Ill be breathing in and out really fast into a paper bag if I pay $126 one way for all 6 of us! LOL Especially since I passed on tickets for $207 from Delta for what I thought would be a ding fare on SW!!!


That’s the thing about ding’s. They are unpredictable and can be for really odd ball times… hold on… I’m sure something will come along.


Oh… and $207 both ways from Delta is a steal. We live so close to the most expensive Delta Hub in the country. We have to drive to INDY, Columbus, or Louisville to fly SW in order to save money.


Can I be dumb for a second and ask what a DING is?


Ding is a program that SouthWest Airlines uses to alert their customers of a good airfare. You download it to your computer desktop and it literally “dings” when a Destination of your choice has a good deal.

Southwest Airlines - What is DING!® ?


I love Southwest but our Vacation dates are still too far out to even try and see how much they would cost . . . alas we went through Continental. Can you say, OUCH!


It was a steal but we wanted our tax return to be in the account before we bought it and it changed within two days by $90 dollars a ticket!:eek: Im so upset!


Did you know, if it’s the same type of southwest ticket (wanna get away, ding) and the price goes down, you can go in and change your ticket and get a credit on your account. You have 1 year from the time of the original purchase of your ticket to use that credit, and it is transferrable - like a gift card. after I got my tickets last year our fares went down a total of $100 for the two of us, I gave my credit to my daughter and she used in January. her tickets went down the week after she got hers by $20, she re-did hers and gave my parents the $20. (only they gave her the $20 and I didn’t see anything!) :laugh:


Actually no I didn’t know that but our original flight is booked thru Frontier not SW so no credit!!!:glare: But thanks for the info for future use!!

HEY WOOOOOHOOOOO did you check todays Ding? I got one right away this morning!!!


nothing! iT was only for like two or three places and not for Orlando! I hate that!


I got tired of waiting for a ding and just booked our flights when they were reasonable, not great but reasonable. I’m sure glad we did. We really needed to have specific flight times and I was really afraid they weren’t going to be available if I waited. When I just checked our departure AirTran flight is no longer available for booking and our SWA return flight has gone up to $165.00. We paid $99.


I did the same thing for both of our summer trips. We paid about $109 each way but we have the flights we want and I’m not stressed about them selling out. We’re flying out on a Friday and back on a Sunday and a lot of the DINGs have been for weekday flights so I’m not holding out a lot of hope at this point.