No dining plan available at AKL?


Does anyone know why the DDP isnt available at the AKL?


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I am confused by this question. Do you mean the DDP isn’t available if you stay at AKL, or there are no restaurants that take DDP at AKL?
As far as I know, you can purchase the DDP while staying at the AKL. As far as I remember Boma and Jiko are on the DDP (Jiko is 2 credits, if I remember correctly). I am not sure if that answers your question, but I tried.:blush:


This is kind of an open ended question…there could be a number of answers to your question.

But…from what I can tell you are asking if the DDP is available if you stay at AKL and the answer to that is, it is. We have stayed there before and used the DDP. We have also eaten at Boma with the DDP as well.


The question isn’t “is the dining plan available to AKL guests”, the question is, are you booking a minimum 3 day Magic Your Way with Dining or are you getting an AP discount on the room only rate and expecting to be able to add the dining plan to that, which you can’t.
We stayed at the AKL last year and they certainly offered the dining plan. Also, the restaurants at the AKL all participate in the DDP, you’ve got us confused.


Ok, I dont think I explained this very well so here goes…we rang up Travel City to get various quotes for a trip we are planning for next year, are usual hotel is the AKL but according to the travel agent, AKL and all low-budget resorts are not offering the Dining Plan and they didnt know why. So my dad got onto the official Disney site and it also says that AKL along with the low-budget resorts wont have the dinding plan avalivble for guests staying there. (Dad isnt home right now and Im still trying to find the exact page it says this on)


I just booked the AKL with dining plan for January… when are you thinking of going?


Alright, never talk to that travel agency again. Number one, AKL is NOT a “low-budget” resort. Number 2, guests staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge are MOST DEFINATELY eligible to use the Disney Dining Plan.

Why don’t you call and book through Disney directly? This way you KNOW you’ll get the correct information (well, for the most part. :laugh: )


I agree with Wish. Call WDW directly to find out. I’ve never heard of that before…and I am certain it would be a hot topic around here if it were true. I don’t see why Disney would offer the DDP at some resorts and not others.


Is this perhaps related to some UK only packages?


Well, when your booking throught the official Disney site, say for example you select the Beach Club Resort, the cost of a 2 week stay next August with or without the dining plan was £3626. Now, if you look for the exact same dates next year, booking into the AKL it is £2478 WITHOUT the dining plan and £3597 WITH. This is where we are getting confused, why do you have to pay for the dining plan at AKL but in the other resorts it is included?


You’re paying for the dining plan regardless, some hotels don’t include it as a default option. I’m pricing my trip for next August and so far none of the hotels have it selected automatically, I have to add it in.

You could book Beach Club without the dining by unselecting it and then you’d see that the pricing would go down. Only rarely (i.e. once a year at their low attendance season) does Disney include free dining.


I think you’re still confusing us as well. Nobody automatically gets the dining plan and nobody automatically gets it for free, with the following exception. Traditionally, Disney Travel has been offering the dining plan for free, from the last weekend in August through the end of September, but this is only offered when they feel like it, usually from mid April through mid June, and only if you book a Magic Your Way vacation package.
Every time you post, you only bring more questions, but you’ve yet to say what dates you are looking at. You also really ought to call a human at Disney Travel in order to sort this out.


We rang Disney Travel last night and they didnt really understand what we were trying to say. The dats are Aug 17th - 31st 2008. Its just confusing because when you select the beach club, even if you de-select the dining plan the price doesnt change where as with AKL it does.
Could this all just be a website glitch??


i bet it is just a glitch! i’d go with the disneytravel, just to be safe!!


$4,466.33 10 days family of 4. 2 adults, two children aged 11 and 7, 10 day MYW base ticket.

$6,201.77 as above plus standard Disney Dining Plan for 3 adults and 1 child.

AKL Standard room Aug 17-31, 2008.
Do your own conversion of dollars to pounds, I’m not equiped to do it.

Beach Club $6,041.33 without DDP
$7,776.77 with DDP
This is straight from the WDW site.


Im not sure if you know this as well but AKL is no way shape or form considered low budget or value


You are misreading what is written. She speaks English, not American.
“AKL, along with the low-budget resorts” does not call AKL a budget resort. It is only stated that the budgets and AKL won’t have the dining plan available.
But that makes no sense, unless this is a restriction for UK guests, which still makes no sense. As I posted earlier, I was able to book a standard room at AKL with dining plan and 10 day base MYW ticket, if I wanted to.


We’ve booked into the Saratoga now with the DDp inc. Im not sure what was going on with the Disney Website but Im guessing its fixed now, we were just so confused (and sorry for confusing everyone else on here!)


don’t be sorry at all - everyone is here to help, when possible!! glad you got what you wanted, and at a good price I hope!!


Saratoga Springs was probably a little less costly than Animal Kingdom Lodge. If yuo’re happy, that’s all that matters.