No Disney Fix in sight, But D-magicradio helps


Recently I find myself starving for some WDW action, but no relief in sight. :frown: How else can I get any satisfaction? I think at times I am just torturing myself by listening to the park music on live-365, but I can’t help it. :wacko: Work keep me from planning a trip and the sweet deals just keep popping up. Does anyone know how to find out when the Timekeeper is open, seasonal doesn’t help? Last time it was closed, but it was October. Hope to make it the first couple of weeks in December and wanted to know if it might be open then? If not, I may just have to alter our WDW visit to coincide with the open times.


How do you pick up park music on Live 365? Is it free or is it for a fee?


Speaking of getting your Disney fix… This latest edition of AllEars newsletter was just about this topic. I have a copy I could send you if you don’t get it.

#4 has thousands of free radio stations. You can type “disney” in the search field and come up with several free ones

My favorite free ones are “park hopper radio” and tour guide mike radio.

I’m a member and I love to listen to mouseworld radio at work. It costs $5.00 per month (3.95 if you pay a year at a time) worth it to me as another way to get a daily disney fix!!!


That sounds pretty cool!!!


Yep, right now I’m listening to the music you hear as you walk through adventureland in the MK. Mouseworld radio has 2 stations. The other station is playing the music from Sunset Blvd in MGM. Each track is about an hour long and they play anything from Wilderness Lodge music to Innoventions Plaza to MK entrance music. Great background music to work to!!

Park Hopper radio & tour guide mike radio (both are free!) actually plays clips from rides, shows, etc. Each clip is usually less than 5 minutes. I cannot really listen to that at work (people might think I’ve gone waaayyy too far Disney :eek: )…(you know the type…"you’re going to WDW again???)


I know what you mean about “that type”. So are the Mouseworld ones free too or just the ride clips??


Nope, you have to pay for mouseworld radio. But you can get the first 5 days free to try it out and see if you like it. And there is no contract, after the first month you can cancle anytime. The free stations, of course, have some commercials and you don’t have commercials once you pay.

Some of the girls at my office run it through windows media player and they don’t have as many pop ups as they do when they use live365’s player.


Thank you! I found Park Hopper Radio and it is so cool! I’m listening to the Pirates of the Caribbean right now! My kids are thrilled!


Sorry folks I just checked my inbox and couldn’t find this week’s AllEars. Yahoo! must have deleted it for me.


Hi guys.

Just a note, that MouseWorld Radio 1 is FREE as well as some of the others.

MouseWorld has 5 other stations that are for premium members, but Radio 1 is totally free.