No Fair!


DD Kate, 16, is on her way to the world as we speak with her high school band. They are staying at AS sports and have competitions on Sat. but she will get to ride EE before me! She’ll be back on Sunday night. Oh, to be young again! :wub:


Awwww, I remember those band trips!!! She is going to have the time of her life!! Hopefully she won’t rub it in your face too much :tongue: haha.


Lucky girl indeed!


How great - I hope she has a wonderful time! (see, if you’d only kept up with those tuba lessons, you could be going too. :wink: )


Actually, it was piano lessons! And they don’t have them in the marching band either :pinch:


Imagine! Leaving her parents! Children these days…


At least you’ll get a firsthand report on EE before you go…right?! :wink:


How rude! My sister is also on her way to WDW in a few days. And the most frustrating part is she is going for FREE!! Her boyfriends family is paying for her, plus I paid for her to go to DL for our Mom’s 50th Birthday and she got to go last June with her friend for FREE! Lucky girl!


No fair is right~ She should not even go near EE till you are there with her to ride it…lol i am kidding.


What really hurts is she’ll ride it before me!!!


I hope your daughter’s band wins her competition!!!


She is going to have so much fun! I loved band trips.


She called me this morning and told me all about it.
she said it was awesome and that she is having so much fun. She won’t get to the parks tomorrow because they are competing all day. I was so-0 green with envy.


Well, she’s having a good time! I think the hardest part would be being in the band competition, and NOT being able to explore the parks! :tongue: :cool:


Oh I have a fond memory of All Star Sports…my senior trip when it was the National Cheerleading competition…all we wanted was a little sleep…6AM we are woken up by cheers and dance music. :crying:


By 6 A.M., I’d be headed straight for the Kona Cafe for some Tonga Toast and a steaming pot of Kona coffee!! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! :tongue:


Karliebug - was she there yesterday, and if so, were they in MGM in the late evening, because I rode RnR with a VERY LARGE group of high school students who were musically inclined. (They were really good, too! A little loud, but it was a very large group of teenagers, thats’ to be expected, but twice they let me go ahead of them so they could be all together…we sort of got caught in the middle of them)


Yes they were in MGM yesterday! I’m glad they let you go ahead-see, teenagers aren’t all bad. This bunch really is made up of basically good kids. That definitely might have been them!


Did they happen to march in the Magic Kingdom yesterday? I saw a band yesterday with dark purple-ish uniforms and I thought I heard they were from Pennsylvania. I wondered if your DD was part of them.