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I have seen a lot of “fake” Disney parks from around the world but here is one that didn’t make it. I found the photos to be kind of strange.

China’s deserted fake Disneyland | Photographers Blog

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Pretty cool looking, actually. In an armageddon sort of way.


Oh my goodness that is so bizarre, but fascinating at the same time. There’s something decidedly eerie about a deserted amusement park, even one that is only partially constructed.
I know that many Chinese farmers and peasants lost their homes, land and livelihood to make way for the Olympic developments, sometimes with brutal force if officials met with resistance- seems a common practice if developers decide they want your land- even, as in this case, the funds would not stretch to completion.
Thanks Tigger really interesting piece.


WOW, those pictures are so beautiful and eerie.


Imagine the fun you could have a with a couple of hi-def cameras and a hand full of your friends! Bring on the Mickey Zombies! ! !



Here are some more images from the fake Disneyland:

China’s Abandoned Disney World Knockoff In Pictures


the castle is kinda creepy and cool at the same time…interesting pic find tigger.


I saw that online, too. i just found it very sad. It looks like a ghost town in th middle of a farm field. Very eerie!