No liquids in carry ons


Because of the recently thwarted terrorist atempts Southwest is no longer allowing any liquids in carry on luggage. All shampoos, toothpaste, hair gel, etc… must be in checked luggage or thrown out.

I’m not sure about the other airlines but I had to check Southwest for my mother who will be flying home from Vegas. I hear the security lines at many airports are getting very long.

So if you are leaving for a trip soon make sure you give yourself plenty of time for check-in.


Unfortunately for me, there is not a regular passenger ship service between my island and the states. I don’t have much of a choice.

I swear it’s becoming easier for folks to just drive across country.

Though, after spending ten years driving five miles at 25 mph along the coast, screaming 85 mph through the mainland seems like an e-ticket ride…


Just got this off the continetal site…

News Releases

Continental Airlines Issues Advice for Travelers
HOUSTON, Aug. 10 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ – Continental Airlines (NYSE: CAL) will be regularly updating its travel advice for customers at The Web site has operational updates as well as a tool for checking the status of individual flights.

Continental is adhering to recent heightened security directives. Authorities have implemented increased security measures at all airports. Those security measures are resulting in delays at various airports. Continental is conducting normal operations, although some flights have been delayed.

Customers should be aware of new security screening requirements and the possibility of longer-than-usual screening delays at security checkpoints.

Continental encourages travelers to do the following to expedite security screening and to adhere to screening requirements:

 * Passengers should arrive at the terminal at least three hours before
   departure in anticipation of security screening delays.
 * Minimize carry-on luggage.
 * Do not pack any liquids or gels of any kind in carry-on baggage.

Additional restrictions apply for flights departing the U.K., and specific information can be found at

Continental is revising ticket-change rules for customers traveling to/from the U.K. Travelers who are ticketed to travel on these routes on/before Sept. 1 may alter their travel dates, based on seat availability, without penalty.

In accordance with security regulations mandated by the Transportation Security Administration, Continental cannot disclose details related to security because of their sensitive nature. Continental will therefore keep its comments limited to operational and customer service matters.


Wow…it’s almost like the terrorists are winning! What if the airlines lose my toothpaste and my breath makes Cinderella faint and DL security ejects me from the park and cuts up my annual pass?! NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


Spirit Air is also advertising the new warnings.


I feel bad for all who take carry-on…
I can’t live without my gel.
What am I going to do ship it UPS.


A National Public Radio story announced today that liquids were banned from carry-on on all domestic and international flights for now.


At least the flights are going, right?
I am happy we are driving to DL, and not flying. It’s already pretty much a wash time wise (fly v. drive) and with the added security time, it will be even longer to fly down. A friend that is meeting us down there is flying with her nephew and niece, I don’t envy her. We go on the 21st and who knows what will be required in 11 days–maybe nothing–it’s anyone’s guess.


there goes my hair!


Yup, its true of all airlines. I agree, we should be happy the flights are all still going.


I heard all electronic devices were also banned from being carried on, they must be in checked luggage - ipods, computers, cell phones, etc. I don’t mind the hair stuff, but I don’t like putting my cell phone in my checked luggage.


I heard all about it this morning, what a terrifying reality. DH and I have a strict “carryon only” policy but I it looks like when we leave next Friday for WDW we are going to have to check our bags, unless I decide to buy all shampoo, shaving cream, toothpaste, gel, hairspray, sunblock, moisterizers, etc… when we get there and I do not think that is a very practical idea.


As far as I heard that does NOT apply to domestic flights, only international arriving into the US.


I just called continental airlines and the recording states liquids and gels… nothing regarding cell phone and/or computers and/or electronic devices.

Continental Airlines


I missed that part! Thanks!


I just got off the phone with continental and the recording states all domestic and international flights and they advise all domestic travelers to arrive at the airport 3 hours before your departure time.

J is going to hate that… our flight is at 6:55 and he want to leave @ 5 now we are going to have to leave at 3:30.


Well, that makes me want to schedule a 6 AM flight:eek:
3 hours early!:confused:


we are not allowed to carry on anything except a clear plastic bag with passport and travel documents, a small wallet too, No books, magazines glasses cases no lip gloss, lip stick, all digital cameras videos laptops are to go in the hold, ladies can carry one or two ladies (personal) items and mothers with infants can carry formula but it must be tasted in front of airline staff. We are to be body searched at security and then again at the gate, but if it keeps me safe and in one piece over the Atlantic then so be it.


Well, I for one, am thankful! I’m willing to be as inconvenienced as is necessary to keep everyone safe. If they told me no carry on at all, I’d learn to deal. I don’t know how new this ‘no liquids’ thing is. I think it’s just a resurgence due to current news. Back right after 9/11 I worked at JFK airport in NYC and no one was allowed to enter the gate with anything liquid then, not even coffee or water. If you had it, it had to be thrown out at security. Does anyone remember the woman who was forced to drink her own breastmilk because they would not allow her to take it on the plane without checking it?


Yeap so if you have a 6 am flight and they advise you to get to the airport 3 hours early you gotta get there at 3 am… now here is the kicker ready…
most baggage terminals (counters) don’t open till 4 or 5 am…

Make no sense.